By Charles Kise
25th to 26th May 2019, 9am to 6pm
Oxley Bizhub 1, 69 Ubi Road 1, #09-27 Singapore 408731
Program Fee: $688


Make room in your life for a new perspective on healing!

You hear people talk about pain all the time. When a person is stressed, it physically shows, be it as a misaligned bone, or sluggish energy, or chronic body pain. Learn how you can heal yourself by giving your body the right tools. When you learn to trust that your body can heal itself, you can also heal others.

“I facilitate a cleaner body with better posture, less pain and better function.”

Meet Charles Kise, an intuitive body therapist with more than 30 years of body therapy work.

Live Your Mark presents Body Alignment Therapy, a 2-day workshop by Charles Kise, Asia’s first and only Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy® Teacher

Join us for a hands-on, 2-day workshop on body therapy. Give yourself the gift of receiving a new education about your body

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Isn’t going for a massage the same as body alignment therapy?

Getting a massage a few times a year at a resort is relaxing. But it is not enough to undo chronic pain and undesirable body postures. A true practitioner of body therapy goes much deeper. Body therapy is about getting to know and working on the root causes of physical ailments which often have emotional connections in your body. Body therapy is about developing a relationship between you, the receiver, your body, and the therapist (the giver) so that healing can happen. This is why therapy
takes multiple sessions with time to heal in-between. A body therapist wants to work with you to stop the patterns that lead you to have undesirable postures and/or pain. This isn’t something that will happen overnight. Habits takes effort and time to break. Charles Kise’s clients often talk about how Charles is able to zoom in on spots in the body to release physical pain and even long buried memories of emotional distress, resulting in a general feeling of freedom and clarity.

It’s too difficult for me to learn healing / body therapy.

Many people avoid learning how to heal. They assume it is too much work, or it’s too difficult. They would prefer someone else to work on them. If you are in need of healing, you know you really need to know what is really going on in your body. This is the work that you have to do. Reading copious amounts of medical literature is not going to cut it. At some point,
you still need to take action in order to see the results you want in your life. Taking a 2-day workshop on body therapy with a master is ideal. It’s like learning how to ride a bicycle. You only need to learn and practice up to a point you are competent to ride a bicycle on your own; meaning, get to know your specific condition and learn how healing can start. You don’t
need to spend months or years studying the mechanics of cycling or bicycles (akin to going to medical school) in order to start the process of healing yourself, or someone else, for that matter. It does takes a lot to become a full-fledged body practitioner. Charles Kise spent a major part of his youth mastering various skills and techniques in body therapy. He has gone around the world in search of masters and through his 30 years of dedicated practice in body alignment therapy and multiple disciplines, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, and this is the knowledge and wisdom that he wishes to pass on to you.

Spending a weekend learning face-to-face from a master body therapist will give you a fast-tracked headstart into healing and gaining insights into your specific condition.

I don’t know if this is right for me.

It almost impossible to assess if something is right for you until you first give it a decent shot. This is also why Charles is offering an abridged version (2-day) program to learn his work, as opposed to say, 12 weeks. (We do have a 12 week program). 2 days (total training time of 16 hours) is a decent shot at giving you a chance to assess if this healing path is the one for you, without having to invest years and thousands of dollars into it in the beginning. Charles created the workshop bearing in mind both first-timers as well as someone who might have had some experience in body therapy. We are keeping the curriculum, pricing and duration as reasonable as possible so that as many people from all walks of life can walk away with sufficient basics. There are no pre-requisites to join this 2-day workshop. All are welcome.

How will I benefit from this workshop?

This Body Alignment® Training is for:

  • Have experienced body alignment work and desire to learn more about how to help others heal
  • Want to become more alive in your body
  • Experience a greater sense of wellbeing
  • Increase your sense of balance, body awareness and strength
  • Learn more about your body and develop your potential to get your body moving more freely, with less effort and a greater range of motion
  • Develop tools to improve and reeducate your posture, your breathing?
  • Reduce pain, tension, stress, trauma and energy blocks

The greatest benefit we see our participants get out of our workshop is when they are not only able to get the pain out of their body, and also able to do the same for someone else.

The 2 day Body Alignment Therapy covers:

  • basic trigger point concepts & structural balance theories
  • discover compensation patterns in the body from modern day living
  • directly experience how the nervous system and soft tissue accumulates negative memory that shows    up as pain and what you can do to reduce it
  • hands-on practice identifying over 16 major muscle groups that commonly cause pain and inhibit normal movement
  • learn to facilitate with techniques that will include treatment for the neck, shoulders, back, glutes, and legs

This is a hands-on workshop by Charles Kise with a total training time of 16 hours. During the course of the workshop, you are expected to work on another person, and another person will be expected to work on you. There will be an instruction manual and a certificate of attendance for successfully completing the 2-day workshop.

Give yourself the gift of receiving a new education about your body today!

Body Alignment Therapy Workshop
25th to 26th May 2019, 9am to 6pm
Oxley Bizhub 1, 69 Ubi Road 1, #09-27 Singapore 408731
Program Fee: $688

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Massage tables will be provided, but if you prefer to purchase your own massage table, we have a special deal negotiated with a massage supplier in Singapore. Contact Su-Ann for details.

For hygiene purposes, you will be expected to bring a few personal items for this workshop, such as a personal bath towel and bedsheet for your use. An email with details will be sent out upon successful registration.


About Charles Kise

Charles Kise has spent much of his life studying and practicing the unification of mind, body, and spirit as a way of personal development. He started his training as a Respiratory Therapy Technician in 1980.

A skilled and intuitive body therapist, Charles has personally trained with ‘The dean of body workers’ William ‘Dub’ Leigh, founder of Zen Bodytherapy® . He is certified as a Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy®, Zen Bodytheraphy® and Advanced Bodytherapy® I & II practitioner, and have been facilitating people of all ages and walks of life in structural and functional integration for the past 30 years. Charles was awarded the status of teacher of Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy® through the International Zentherapy ® Institute Inc, and is the only teacher in Asia. Charles also graduated from the American Institute of Massage Therapy where he was trained in Sports Therapy, Remedial Stretching, Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, and Polarity Energy work. He has also completed the State of Hawaii Massage Therapy license program. He continued his studies in Sports Therapy Massage with Olympic sports physician Mik Hungerford and Russian clinical massage specialist Zjenia Kuroshova. He went on to study energy through the practice of Qigong with Master Wong from Beijing and studied Reiki modules I and II.


“Mr Kise is a very gifted and knowledgeable body practitioner. He is able to assess problems accurately and addresses them effectively. He is thorough, sensitive and compassionate. As a teacher, he instructs with clarity and skill. I am struck by his commitment to his work and the quality with which he delivers it, as well as his concern for others and his humor and warmth.”
LaVay Lau Ph.D.

“I have known Charles Kise for approximately three years during which time I have referred numerous patients with various musculoskeletal complaints. These patients have always responded very well to Charles’s treatment which is deep in the tradition of Ida Rolf, but sensitive to the patient’s tolerance. Charles is an excellent massage therapist who is always searching to improve his skills. I recommend him without reservation.”
Patrick J. Sullivan M.A., D.C

“I started with Zentherapy out of acute necessity. Under emotional stress at work and at home I had developed migraine the last few years. I literally could feel how my neck tensed up and how the pain eventually creeped up the skull. My posture resembled a turtle. I knew the reasons but was helpless: the body would react when it was too much to carry. It actually was a small wonder that the body would still indicate the limits: I had done my best over more than 30 years to control my feelings, shut them out. The Zentherapy not only put my body back in a more natural shape it also helped me to deal more relaxed with problems. I’m still far from perfect: To let go off attachments is difficult – and a lifelong process. But Zentherapy was the often quoted first step with which every travel starts – so the ancient Chinese philosopher Kongzi has taught 2500 years
Manuela Kessler

Body Therapy 2 Day Workshop

Make room in your life for a new perspective on healing!
A 2-day workshop by Charles Kise

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