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Should You Go On A Second Date?

Second dates are just as important as first dates (just less unnerving). This is when the both of you dive deeper into the conversation. You get to know the other person’s dreams, what their family is like, favorite tv shows and so on. Second dates mean that you found something you liked in the other [...]

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The Relationship Trap: You Survived Your First Fight, Now How Do You Keep the Flame Alive?

Your first fight as a couple was about a misunderstanding, a miscommunication or an offhanded remark that touched a nerve. But you survived it. You both talked it through and the worst is behind you. Congratulations! The worst thing you can do now is to assume that things can go back to the way it [...]

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My Secret to Being Happy

It takes more than just putting a smile on your face. Society places too much focus on being happy, rather the meaning of being happy. When a friend looks sad, we automatically ask “what’s wrong?”. Being happiness has become a natural part of our learned behaviour. So much so that a lot of us do [...]

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How Self-Reflection and Embracing Our Flaws Can Change Our Lives

It is a Friday night and your friend asks you to go along with them to meet their other friends. You’ve never met them before and why would you want to spend your night making small talk? Why catch up with your friend in-person when you can do the same over a Whatsapp? Find yourself [...]

In Under 300 Words: ‘Conscious Uncoupling’

The spotlight in May is on Katherine Woodward Thomas's book, 'Conscious Uncoupling'. What does this oxymoron mean? More importantly, why this book can help you. There are divorces and then there are bad divorces. Both parties get caught up drawn out custody battles and communicating only with a lawyer present. It is draining and by the [...]

It’s a Hard Life – Does It Have to be This Way?

We all experience hardships in life. But why do some of us go through them more often? We find certain things blocking our paths to success, we keep making the wrong choices over and over again, we face problems with letting go.  Perhaps you lie awake at night, unable to sleep, or you can’t seem [...]

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Humor in the Office – Bad for Productivity?

Humor and the workplace may be frowned upon. Even the most casual office environments could harbour certain stigmas and uncertainties when allowing humor in the workplace. That is, until recent developments. It’s easy to understand why. Humor is subjective and one bad joke (sexist quip or racist jibe) can easily lead to conflict. You might [...]

Benefits of Coaching That No One Tells You

If only we knew this sooner, oh the crises we could have avoided! What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘coaching’? Mine is a person. Problem is, a lot of people have a vague idea of life coaching - we know it involves two people having a conversation. [...]

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Reset and Relax The Right Way for a High Energy Weekend

Long weekends and how to maximise it! A lot of us are looking forward to the long weekend. I know I can’t wait! It is a time to catch up with friends and on some much needed sleep. Yes I know many of you agree with me on that point. But wait! The long weekend [...]

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Avoid These 5 Habits to Find Your Calling in Life

Like all millennials, I have not found my reason to wake up in the morning. I realise some key habits to kick out of my system. What is a 'Calling'? Basically this is your path in life. It is the activity that captivates you, aligns with your values and no matter how tough it gets [...]