Benefits of Coaching That No One Tells You

By Purnima BalrajuApr 20, 2017

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If only we knew this sooner, oh the crises we could have avoided!

What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘coaching’? Mine is a person. Problem is, a lot of people have a vague idea of life coaching – we know it involves two people having a conversation. What comes out of that chat?

If you want to know ‘What The Heck is Life Coaching?’, this article could point you in the right direction. We’re not here for that. We want to know what coaching can do for you. A lot of them says that you can be self-aware. Sounds great! Who wouldn’t want to know about their blind spots. But how can that help me in my life journey? How could it make me be better than I am today? More importantly, is that all it does?

Nope, it does more than just that! Welcome to the series on Benefits of Coaching. First in our instalment are the lesser known benefits of life coaching:

Improve Your Skills – “What Does That Even Mean?”

We have all heard it before. “Do this to improve your skills”, “This course develops your skills”. What exactly are these skills and why do you even need them?


Coaching helps you to develop active listening. Sure, we all know how to listen. But this is about taking notice of the words people say, their tone and the meaning behind it. Sounds like a lot of hard work – and it is – but knowing this would help you to communicate better.

For example, I observed that Singaporeans can be less vocal on their dislikes (guilty). So when my boss suggests a chore routine for everyone to take turns to wash the dishes, my answer was “Oh … that would work”. If my boss used their active listening skills, they would know I really meant “hell to the no!”.

Active listening can help you be better at persuasion. By listening to the needs of the other party, you would know how to offer them a deal that works in your favour too! All in all, you become a better communicator. Go ahead, put that on your LinkedIn!


Personal Development – “What Good Will This Change Do?”

A lot, actually, with the right kind of help, of course. Coaching helps you to gain a new perspective about yourself (remember those blind spots?) and to understand your true desires. Through answering some key questions about yourself and confronting some hard truths, you learn more about the reasons you have for holding back.

This too, helps you gain satisfaction from life or your job. By knowing yourself better, it is about understanding what you think would make your life meaningful and filled with purpose. Coaching shines a torch into your deepest thoughts and provides you with a road map to your intended destination. Self-awareness never hurt anyone, did it?

Identifying Solutions Unique To You – “Will It Really Be Helpful?”

Through targeted questions guided by a coach, you uncover some bad habits which are hurting your growth and come up with ways to nip them in the bud. Everything is a work in progress – there are no shortcuts, no instant results. Working on your issues will help you in your social spheres, from repairing your relationship with your parents to building a stronger bond with your partner to learning how to connect with your friends.  happy couple

In order for these lesser known benefits to help your future, you need to be patient, open and more importantly, actively participate in the process. Coaching is proven to have positive results and can be achieved quick enough as long as you work together with your coach.

What are some questions you have about coaching? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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