3 Ways to Utilize the Energy You’ve Gained Back from Processing

By Tech SupportNov 28, 2018

Present to you by the Conscious Processing Unit (CPU) 1) Write 3 pages of a free-flow journal After the processing session, write a 3-page free flow journal about it. It’s best to do this a few hours after the process, as soon as possible after you get home that same day. If you’re not able […]

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TBE, TBA, TCC, Community Processing… Which one is right for me?

By [email protected]Nov 15, 2018

Present to you by the Conscious Processing Unit (CPU) With the recent changes and new additions to Live Your Mark’s programs, you may be wondering how to best utilize your resources for your personal development. Fret not! We are here to shed light on the various programs that are available, such that you get a […]

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Here's why we sharpen our senses #beingshaman

By Su Ann PhillipsApr 27, 2018

One of the things we tend to forget in our busy-ness of living and our need to create a modern human society is that we forget we are embedded within a natural world. Sure, we have conquered the natural world with our cleverness and our technological advances, but fundamentally, we are still dependent on the […]

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A new perspective on the cycle of life #beingshaman

By Su Ann PhillipsApr 20, 2018

The circle is a basic geometric shape that equalizes. When people gather in groups around a circle formation, a circular form of leadership is formed. Be it a bonfire or a corporate table or dining table. By coming together, everyone seated in the circle has equal share in that circle to participate in the activity […]

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What nature tells us about success#beingshaman

By Su Ann PhillipsApr 13, 2018

When you come across something like that, what do you see? Oftentimes, we like to see nature as a series of harmonies blended together in zen-like tranquility.   No. That is not quite the picture. The harmonization is an idolization. Things are not “at peace”. In fact, things are in constant conflict.   The trees […]

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What earth, fire, water and air got to do with modern day living?#beingshaman

By Su Ann PhillipsApr 06, 2018

Shamanism at the initial stages is about exploration. Fundamentally, we allow ourselves to return to an innocent, or pure or pristine state where we are able to go exploring. It’s like what happened to the first time you encountered water as a child? The amount of joy you had playing with it, and exploring it, […]

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How Do You Deal With Difficult People?

By LYM SocialJan 25, 2018

The liar, the cynic, the needy, the control-freak, the flake, the manipulator, the show-off, the envious, the pretender, the arguer… There’s no easy way to put this across: this article isn’t going to be easy to read. Life is difficult. There is no doubt everyone is going to run into people who will come across […]

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Does Life Get Harder As You Get Older?

By LYM SocialJan 22, 2018

A newborn baby takes its first breath as soon as s/he is born. From that moment forward, s/he will continue to breathe, in order to live in this world. With each milestone, s/he will need to overcome barriers in order to learn new skills, new words, and new behaviors in order to navigate the world […]

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What Do You Do When Everyone Feels Too Difficult?

By LYM SocialJan 20, 2018

    The beauty of life is about the different kinds of people we come across every day whether it is at work, at home or any social setting. Different people color our world, which would be a boring place if all people behaved alike. Humans are social beings and in one way or another, […]

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What are some of the forwarding New Year's resolutions?

By LYM SocialJan 16, 2018

New Year’s resolutions are centered on being a better version of you through creating habits, disciplines, and practices to support the “better” version of you. Physical well-being When we’re focusing on big life goals like job promotions or getting a degree, we might give our physical well-being a back seat. It’s good to remember it […]

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How To Increase Your Chances Of Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

By LYM SocialJan 15, 2018

There is a good chance you’ve made a New Year’s resolution and you have been sticking with it… but inside you, there’s a voice wondering when your new year resolution will be given up. Keeping a New Year’s resolution is far more difficult than making it. Here are some of the best tips I have […]

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Should You Go On A Second Date?

By Purnima BalrajuJun 22, 2017

Second dates are just as important as first dates (just less unnerving). This is when the both of you dive deeper into the conversation. You get to know the other person’s dreams, what their family is like, favorite tv shows and so on. Second dates mean that you found something you liked in the other […]

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The Relationship Trap: You Survived Your First Fight, Now How Do You Keep the Flame Alive?

By Purnima BalrajuJun 07, 2017

Your first fight as a couple was about a misunderstanding, a miscommunication or an offhanded remark that touched a nerve. But you survived it. You both talked it through and the worst is behind you. Congratulations! The worst thing you can do now is to assume that things can go back to the way it […]

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My Secret to Being Happy

By Purnima BalrajuJun 06, 2017

It takes more than just putting a smile on your face. Society places too much focus on being happy, rather the meaning of being happy. When a friend looks sad, we automatically ask “what’s wrong?”. Being happiness has become a natural part of our learned behaviour. So much so that a lot of us do […]

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How Self-Reflection and Embracing Our Flaws Can Change Our Lives

By Purnima BalrajuMay 24, 2017

It is a Friday night and your friend asks you to go along with them to meet their other friends. You’ve never met them before and why would you want to spend your night making small talk? Why catch up with your friend in-person when you can do the same over a Whatsapp? Find yourself […]

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