Book of the Month: Adventures of the Soul

By Purnima BalrajuApr 07, 2017

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Eating disorders, addictions and flitting from one bad relationship to another – that was Shannon Kaiser’s life. These were her symptoms to a deeper problem: anxiety and depression. Realising that the best way to solve her pain was to search for an answer within, Adventures for Your Soul was born.

“If I wanted lasting change, I had to change the way I was looking at things & myself”

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Expecting an overnight solution or a magic pill for your problems? Kaiser’s road to recovery starts with facing some hard truths about herself. Her journey is one of constant change and reflection. Showing that you may have the right method but it needs refinement and some effort to see results.

Why Read It?

So we are back to this question. Why read another self-help book which would probably be a rip-off from Chicken Soup for Your Soul. Only that this is unlike any book on self-love you’ve read. As Kaiser mentions, this is not even a book on self-love (although the tropes of it are present). It is about a journey of having the courage to admit our own fears.

Her approach is novel in the sense that she looks inward. Doing a “fear detox” where she shows how her emotional habits held her back from her true desires. For example, when is the right time to get out of a relationship?


(A) You and your partner feed off on each other’s toxic behaviour from the emotional blackmail to the lack of healthy communication.

(B) You and your partner have a routine. After work you both ride the bus back. You don’t talk on these rides back because you are exhausted from work. You both make dinner, talk about general issues like who pays the bill and whose turn it is to do the dishes then you go to bed. Repeat it the next day.


It seems obvious that in situation (A), it is time to end the relationship for both your mental healths. In such cases it is obvious to get out of it. In (B) the signs of a pattern or a routine are emerging. This relationship is comfortable and it seems like both of them have settled. Such relationships are the most dangerous. Kaiser experienced being in a relationship in both situations and she wonders what were the reasons for it.


Could it be that your fear of the unknown that is forcing you to settle?

Kaiser’s story echoes a lot of the struggles we face. Except now her road map is documented so we never have to relapse. Her insight on fear and how to conquer it, is honest. Breaking this down simply into 21 steps, you can be on your way to living the life where you wanted to be.

Read this book before? Give us your take on it!

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