What nature tells us about success#beingshaman

When you come across something like that, what do you see? Oftentimes, we like to see nature as a series of harmonies blended together in zen-like tranquility.   No. That is not quite the picture. The harmonization is an idolization. Things are not “at peace”. In fact, things are in constant conflict.   The trees [...]

In Under 300 Words: ‘Conscious Uncoupling’

The spotlight in May is on Katherine Woodward Thomas's book, 'Conscious Uncoupling'. What does this oxymoron mean? More importantly, why this book can help you. There are divorces and then there are bad divorces. Both parties get caught up drawn out custody battles and communicating only with a lawyer present. It is draining and by the [...]

Humor in the Office – Bad for Productivity?

Humor and the workplace may be frowned upon. Even the most casual office environments could harbour certain stigmas and uncertainties when allowing humor in the workplace. That is, until recent developments. It’s easy to understand why. Humor is subjective and one bad joke (sexist quip or racist jibe) can easily lead to conflict. You might [...]

Reset and Relax The Right Way for a High Energy Weekend

Long weekends and how to maximise it! A lot of us are looking forward to the long weekend. I know I can’t wait! It is a time to catch up with friends and on some much needed sleep. Yes I know many of you agree with me on that point. But wait! The long weekend [...]

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Avoid These 5 Habits to Find Your Calling in Life

Like all millennials, I have not found my reason to wake up in the morning. I realise some key habits to kick out of my system. What is a 'Calling'? Basically this is your path in life. It is the activity that captivates you, aligns with your values and no matter how tough it gets [...]