How To Acquire Anger Management Skills

Anger management is vital for mitigating risks that can have a devastating effect on your health and your life. By lowering these risks, you enjoy a healthier lifestyle with desirable habits. By reading useful books and articles, or even to approach customized corporate training programs, anger management can be learned as a skill. Ways To [...]

Difficult employees? Attend corporate workshops to learn better management skills.

In any workplace, there are often employees who are difficult to work with. They may not perform very well, or maybe they have a hard time getting along with others. Managers are often faced with the difficult task of dealing with these employees in an effort to keep the peace, as well as maintain a [...]

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A Lack of Good Communication And How It Affects You

Communication skills are invaluable in the work environment and in personal relationships. These skills enable individuals to convey their exact message to the intended party. Healthy communication skills generate positive reactions and mitigate problems in the future. Through a coach training program, these individuals cultivate these vital skills. Why is Effective Communication Important in the [...]

5 Ways To Cultivate Self-Respect

Self-respect is key to a healthy and positive life. It begins when you make a valiant effort to understand who you are and what you want out of life. You make discoveries that aren't hindered by other people. The following are five ways to cultivate self-respect. The Forgotten Trait of Self-Respect and How It Differs [...]

Why hire a life coach?

Pushing clients to achieve their maximum potential is at the heart of what we do at Executive Coach International. Life Coaching has been gaining popularity among working adults in the past few years. It is a profession that is very different from those of consulting, mentoring, counselling, or therapy. The process actually helps clients with [...]

Being that positive influence to those around you

There WILL be moments in your life where you face immense difficulty. You may face challenges that may take away all the hope that you had left in you. In the most severe cases, some contemplate ending their lives because of their dire circumstances. Cue the person who out of nowhere injects that terribly needed [...]

3 questions to answer for an authentic and successful life: Part 3 – How can I succeed?

Manifestation Work is about creation; taking your inner vision and manifesting your desires in the world. How do you succeed in the world’s eyes on your terms?

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3 questions to answer for an authentic and successful life: Part 1 – Who am I?

To live an authentic and successful life, we must answer 3 questions: 1. Who am I? (Freedom) 2. Why am I here? (Truth) 3. How can I be successful? (Creation). The questions are by no means trivial, and the answers by no means obvious. We can begin to uncover deeper and truer answers for ourselves through the 3 main forms of work we do...

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5 life lessons you never knew from The Matrix

When The Matrix first came out, people were wowed by not only the groundbreaking action sequences, but also the philosophical grandeur and metaphysical implications of the movie. We asked ourselves: What if we are all living in a dream? What if reality exists only in our minds? Are we like the prisoners in Plato’s cave...

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