TBE, TBA, TCC, Community Processing… Which one is right for me?

Present to you by the Conscious Processing Unit (CPU) With the recent changes and new additions to Live Your Mark’s programs, you may be wondering how to best utilize your resources for your personal development. Fret not! We are here to shed light on the various programs that are available, such that you get a [...]

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Here’s why we sharpen our senses #beingshaman

One of the things we tend to forget in our busy-ness of living and our need to create a modern human society is that we forget we are embedded within a natural world. Sure, we have conquered the natural world with our cleverness and our technological advances, but fundamentally, we are still dependent on the [...]

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What nature tells us about success#beingshaman

When you come across something like that, what do you see? Oftentimes, we like to see nature as a series of harmonies blended together in zen-like tranquility.   No. That is not quite the picture. The harmonization is an idolization. Things are not “at peace”. In fact, things are in constant conflict.   The trees [...]

What earth, fire, water and air got to do with modern day living?#beingshaman

Shamanism at the initial stages is about exploration. Fundamentally, we allow ourselves to return to an innocent, or pure or pristine state where we are able to go exploring. It’s like what happened to the first time you encountered water as a child? The amount of joy you had playing with it, and exploring it, [...]

How Self-Reflection and Embracing Our Flaws Can Change Our Lives

It is a Friday night and your friend asks you to go along with them to meet their other friends. You’ve never met them before and why would you want to spend your night making small talk? Why catch up with your friend in-person when you can do the same over a Whatsapp? Find yourself [...]

Why Your Effort at Self-Improvement is Failing

Self improvement is such a vague term. What would you want to improve on? Your looks - some people go for plastic surgeries to enhance their looks and physique. Your body - people go to the gym to workout. Soft skills is the buzzword when it comes to self-improvement. A lot of us take courses [...]

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Benefits of Coaching That No One Tells You

If only we knew this sooner, oh the crises we could have avoided! What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘coaching’? Mine is a person. Problem is, a lot of people have a vague idea of life coaching - we know it involves two people having a conversation. [...]

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Make Better Choices in April

A simple guide to self-love. Listen to Your Body This April, it is all about knowing your body's needs. Take a nap if that's exactly what your body needs. Naps give your subconscious a chance to power down so that it can perform its optimum for a task. Do this when you have to be [...]

4 Quick Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence

  I decided to visit a professional coach to discover my inner voice and work on my confidence. Everyone has their own unique way of discovering themselves, but I didn’t know where to start, so I approached a qualified individual for a private session. These are just a few practical and simple-to-follow tips that my professional coach [...]

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End 2016 with a bang – create your personal annual report

End your 2016 with a bang by creating a personal annual report. Not only allows you to complete your year powerfully, you'll begin 2017 with a headstart.

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