How Self-Reflection and Embracing Our Flaws Can Change Our Lives

It is a Friday night and your friend asks you to go along with them to meet their other friends. You’ve never met them before and why would you want to spend your night making small talk? Why catch up with your friend in-person when you can do the same over a Whatsapp? Find yourself [...]

Why Your Effort at Self-Improvement is Failing

Self improvement is such a vague term. What would you want to improve on? Your looks - some people go for plastic surgeries to enhance their looks and physique. Your body - people go to the gym to workout. Soft skills is the buzzword when it comes to self-improvement. A lot of us take courses [...]

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Avoid These 5 Habits to Find Your Calling in Life

Like all millennials, I have not found my reason to wake up in the morning. I realise some key habits to kick out of my system. What is a 'Calling'? Basically this is your path in life. It is the activity that captivates you, aligns with your values and no matter how tough it gets [...]

Book of the Month: Adventures of the Soul

Picture credit: Bloguettes Eating disorders, addictions and flitting from one bad relationship to another - that was Shannon Kaiser’s life. These were her symptoms to a deeper problem: anxiety and depression. Realising that the best way to solve her pain was to search for an answer within, Adventures for Your Soul was born. “If I [...]

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Tips To Get Back On Track After Slipping Up

An optimistic outlook helps individuals start over after they fail. They don't feel defeated or discouraged in new endeavors. They continue on with the next projected objective and achieve more. The following are tips to get back on track after slipping up, as introduced in a professional training program. Five Habits of Optimistic People and [...]

Optimism isn’t always the best route to take

Throughout childhood and on into young adulthood, most are taught that it is good to be happy and better still, optimistic. We often expect that a positive outlook on life leads to a path of success. Yet there are moments in everyone's life when happiness can be hard to find. It is during these moments [...]

Why hire a life coach?

Pushing clients to achieve their maximum potential is at the heart of what we do at Executive Coach International. Life Coaching has been gaining popularity among working adults in the past few years. It is a profession that is very different from those of consulting, mentoring, counselling, or therapy. The process actually helps clients with [...]

How I found myself and my purpose: Tan Li Lian

After 20 years of chasing corporate and physical achievements, Li-Lian realised that something was missing. There had to be more to life. Coaching helped Li-Lian discover herself and reconnect to what truly matters.

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From employees to entrepreneurs, from fear to possibility: Augustine Chua and Zhou Mi

Augustine and Zhou Mi were both in ‘safe’ corporate jobs, but they knew they wanted more in life.

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How I found the courage to follow my dream: MaryAnn Loo

Welcome to the second in our series of personal success stories, where community members share their journeys of personal growth and life transformation, catalysed by coaching. Read stories of people just like you and me, who have overcome struggles and gained confidence to live the lives they truly want...

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