Coaching is one of the most powerful tools in the world today that is made available for anyone who wants to get more out of life: be it in your personal, professional or social life. According to the International Coach Federation, 70% of clients who have been coached found coaching valuable in helping them achieve their results. It has also been proven that training with coaching increases the productivity rate of employees by 86%.

At Executive Coach International – the organization with the largest amount of internationally certified coaches in South East Asia, we believe in possibilities, growth and evolution for all: we focus on accelerating the transformation of our clients’ potential into tangible, lasting results that were not thought possible before. Coaching begins and revolves around conversations. As such, we want you to have an opportunity to experience for yourself what coaching is like: Get to know the coaches, the organization, and most importantly, how coaching can work for you.

In 3 hours, you will get a sense of how coaching enables you to:

  • Examine the challenges & obstacles you face in your life, understand your thought-process & decipher your behavioral patterns;
  • Explore how you can take control and become powerful to live your life the way you always wanted;
  • Create effective, efficient & permanent strategies to resolve challenges and obstacles;
  • Convert your full potential into strengths & capabilities through our proven tools & technologies;
  • Ignite the passion & drive in you for your life;
  • Replicate your personal success formula for lasting results in your life.

We will also be introducing our flagship coaching program, The Courage to Create™, that causes deeper inquiry of how to take your life to next level.

Each preview has limited seats.

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Venue: RELC International Hotel30 Orange Grove Road, #07-01A Singapore 258352
Time: Registration begins at 7pm

“I used to have doubts in my capacity to handle multiple jobs – having a full time job and pursuing my dream of owning a business. During TCC, I got present to how big a regret it will be if I continue shelf this dream aside 10 years down the road. After TCC, I gained the courage, not the blind or reckless courage, but courage with wisdom to find solutions to make things happen as I embark on turning this dream into reality.”

— Darryl Loh, Property Investor