How To Talk About Coaching To Your Boss

By Kenneth OhJan 15, 2015

UntitledYou may have read or heard about the benefits of coaching, but here you are, in a workplace that hasn’t quite caught on with the coaching culture… Asking to be coached indicates a genuine desire to improve yourself as a contribution to your company. So how can you make coaching available to you and your colleagues, within your organization?

1.     Namedrop.

Nothing says it better than shamelessly name-dropping companies that offer coaching. You could quote from Debbie Campbell Wade’s 2003 study that revealed that 40% of Fortune 500 companies used professional coaching services for their staff.  Or name-drop big-time names like Steve Jobs who was a big champion of coaching – for himself and Apple Inc – and it shows.

Wouldn’t your company want to be as successful as Apple?


2.     Use Numbers.

Numbers say a lot about how coaching is now hotter than ever before without you sounding like an advertisement (it works especially well if you are working in the accounting or financing department of your company!) Try this: in 2011, the American Management Association survey of 230 organizations revealed that half of the respondents provided coaching to mid-level or senior staff, while 38% made coaching available to anyone in the company. In that same survey, almost half of the respondents used coaching to prepare their staff for a promotion or new role.

(Mind you, these 230 are just a sampling of companies, based in the US, to give you a sense of how pervasive coaching has become over the years.)

3.     Give the “it works for you and me” win-win argument.

More CEOs and HR managers are seeing coaching as an investment into their high performers – as a means of development and retention strategy. High performers in turn are always on the lookout to take things to the next level – hence coaching is a perfect match for both the employer and the employee. Since we believe you are interested in being promoted, you would want to be in the state of optimal performance for yourself and for your organization, and coaching can definitely help you get you there. And your company? Well. It stands to get the best of you so you can bet they want you to be the best performing possible! How great does that sound? That’s totally a win win situation for everybody! So, write down what you want to achieve this year, the promotion you want to get and talk to one of our coaches to see how we can help make this new year’s resolution come true! Email [email protected] or call  6737 0916.