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Online Courses

Our Online Courses

Presented in a unique way, these are strategies which are not found off the internet but are based on over 20 years of coaching clients. These tips, strategies and tactics are developed and used by Kelvin Lim, Founder of Executive Coach International. The methods taught in these courses have been proven to help thousands of our clients over the past decade achieve greater career satisfaction and advancement in their careers.

Do you want to find out what you are talented for? Do you want to find out what you are here to do? If you have been searching for what makes you passionate and what makes you tick, then this is the course for you.

This course will help you:

  1. Find the things that you love doing
  2. Remove the barriers in the way to finding out what you love
  3. Find out what you are really good at
  4. Find ways to make what you love to do into your career

Sometimes we may not have the privilege of doing only the things we love. There will be boring tasks in which we do not enjoy and we will have to pull through in order for us to achieve a bigger goal. How then, do we love what we do?

This course will help you learn:

  1. Strategies in creating interest in what you find mundane
  2. How to optimize your effectiveness
  3. How to appreciate the process in what you do
  4. How to connect what you do to what matters to you