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Principles of Love and Relationships™ Program

$3988 (GST 7% inclusive)


Are you ready for deeper relationships? Originating from Asia’s Pioneer Master Coach and the only one of its kind in the self-development world, POLAR unlocks the key to relationships and charisma and frees you from core negative relationship cycles and habits, exposing inner dynamism just waiting to explode.

Completion of The Courage to Create™ and Making Courage Work ™ Programs are pre-requisites for this program.

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**Completion of The Courage to Create™ and Making Courage Work™ Programs are pre-requisites for this program**.

In preparation for the Principles of Love and Relationships™ (POLAR) Program, 4-day weekend group intensive, there will be 2 private coaching sessions (of at least 1 hour each) commencing 2-3 weeks prior to POLAR. In addition, there is a follow-up session on the following Tuesday evening to crystalize your learnings.

The table below summarizes the total number of coaching hours you will receive with this package:

Coaching Session Hours
Homework Session 3 x 2 hour
POLAR 4-Day Program 60 hours
POLAR Evening Session 3 hours
TOTAL  69 hours

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