TruGreatness™ Masterclass

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Have you ever felt that no matter what you do, you are going through the same way of doing things all over again? Have you ever felt that there was a better way of doing things but yet you cannot find out what that is? If so, then what will it take to create real success in your life? TruGreatness is a program that helps you breakthrough your limiting beliefs and achieve true creativity in your life.

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TruGreatness is a launchpad to real creativity in your life. It begins an examinations to the structures and components of your creativity. Creativity to open up aspects of ourselves with parts of our lives that are important to us. Beyond ways of thinking, TruGreatness is about seeing the world in a whole new light — it is about you creating a life that you really want. Find out the limitations that you have set on yourself, let go and set yourself free.

Have you ever thought that you were not good enough, not confident enough or something about you that prevents you from doing something? TruGreatness helps you to break through your limiting beliefs and learn how to become flexible in your mental and emotional capacities.

Embark on a journey to find out what are your possibilities and express yourself in the world.


  • 16 June 2017 (7pm to 1030pm): Preparing to take off.
  • 17 June 2017 (9am to 7pm): Letting go of your boundaries. Creating.
  • 18 June 2017 (9am to 7pm): Stepping into Greatness.

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