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TruPath™ is the ultimate goal setting program designed to help you uncover what you really want in life. Uncover unnecessary distractions that sap your energy away from doing what is truly important. This two day program cuts through the fluff to support your discovery of the one thing that opens the door to making powerful decisions with clarity and certainty.This is a program that goes beyond chasing your next career option – it gets to the core of what truly matters and gives you a glimpse into what your purpose in life could be. Embark on an insightful journey to unfold a life that will resonate with you from within. Find out for yourself, once and for all, the one path that you can be certain about, the one that silences all doubts, that allows you to pursue a direction with endless fervor and passion.

Upcoming TruPath:

Online Program Date
October Intake 3 15 – 16 October 2022, Sat – Sun, 9am – 6pm


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