[Results] “Which Coach Suits you Best” Quiz

By Helena ZhangJun 05, 2015


In conjunction with the 2015 International Coaching Week (ICW) happening from the 18th to the 22nd of May, we present to you our monthly anticipated QUIZ: Which Coach suits you best? 

1. Choose a statement that resonates the best about you when you set a goal.

  1. I prefer What-I-See-Is-What-I-Get
  2. I like surprises!
  3. I don’t have a preference. Anything goes… I think?
  4. I know what I want, and I will get it!

2. When you get caught in a lie, what would your first reaction be?

  1. Try to cover up with another lie
  2. Play dumb and smile. Hoping you won’t get caught
  3. Keep quiet and look down. Pray hard you are invisible
  4. Own up your wrongdoings and start making restoration plans

3. When it comes to doing work, which are you?

  1. I need someone constantly pushing me to do my work.
  2.  I am a person who needs inspiration when I work.
  3. I need affirmations and encouragement when I work.
  4. I work well alone but I work better when I have a goal to hit.

4. Describe which kind of behaviour you identify with the most: imagine that you are invited to a party As you are about to enter the room, what is on your mind?

  1. Walk into the party without thinking about anything… bring it on!
  2. Thinking whether the outfit you wear can impress/attract people at the party
  3. Keep worrying about how you can stay invisible and not attract any attention to yourself
  4. You invite 5 more friends to go to the party and arrive unannounced

5. You are about to meet someone important and you are asked to wait 15 minutes. You…

  1. Give a face and sit around looking displeased
  2. Groom yourself quickly: make sure you look good
  3. Nervously go through your prepared speech: is it going to be good enough?
  4. Panic a bit as you calculate whether you will be late for your next appointment 



Mostly A answers:

The ‘Veritaserum’ Coach

You live in the moment, with a tendency to be what you want, but without much consciousness of why you are the way you are. You appreciate truth, no matter how harsh or confrontational it may be. What will work for you is to have a match: a what-you-see-is-what-you-get, kind of coach we call the Veritaserum Coach. These pragmatic coaches don’t take any bullshit. Their all-seeing eyes pierce right through any falsehood the moment they smell it. They will raze through any reasons and excuses you tried to use and poise ready to poke you where it hurts.

Mostly B answers:

The Silk-clad Iron-fist Coach

You enjoy the finer, beautiful things in life, but you may not always be willing to put in the equal effort for your beauty to shine through. What you need is a coach who has a rafflesia-like symptoms approach, attracting you to them with their appearances and inspiring you to bring out the beauty in you. Once they have you captivated, you better start working your ass off and get things done. Or you will face the force of a sledge hammer hidden behind that demure smile. You can’t decide you love them or hate them more as their coaching skills will mesmerize you into taking you to the next level of your life you have always dreamed of.

Mostly C answers:

Quiet Fire Coach

You sometimes feel lost, hopeless or resigned, and wished there was someone who would light up the way for you. What will work for you is a Quiet Fire Coach. This coach may be quiet and reserved at first sight. Beyond that cool and calm exterior is a burning fire to ignite and fuel their clients to strive harder and stronger to bring out the fight in you. These coaches often stand at the finishing line for their clients, patient and ready to go the extra mile for the clients, but first you need to be prepared to show all you’ve got to get them rooting for you.  

Mostly D answers:

“Just do it!” Coach

You are results-orientated, to the point you are either burnt out or you lost track of what you are doing things for. A Just Do It Coach will give you deeper perspectives of what lies beneath the Just Do It. Like you, a Just Do It Coach is a do-er. He/she will jump in where angels fear to tread, accomplish the task and pick up the pieces later. A visit to their home or office generally finds Coach hard at work, usually alone, on his/her next task at hand. They are passionate, driven, goal orientated and energetic about projects. But they are also conscious about what happens when a person focuses too much on the doing but not on what is the purpose of it all. They are amazing partners who will run next to you and lookout for you where you haven’t started looking.