So what’s new about the revamped Leadership Program™?

By ECI SocialAug 03, 2015


  1. It’s modular.

The new Leadership Program™ will run as a modular system. Which means you get pick and choose which area you want to work on.

  1.  What are my options?

There will be three lines to choose from:

(a)The Star Line: focus on what it takes to be in a centre position and to stand out (e.g. marketing, selling, enrollment, leading)

(b)The Organizational Line: focus on behind-the-scene work such as systems and structures (e.g. management, budgeting, production)

(c)The Expert Knowledge Line: focus on specializations

Different lines will focus on training up different set of skills.

  1. How can I progress from one rank stage to another?

There will be ranks for each line. For each rank, there will be criteria to meet via working on projects and activities in order to progress to the next rank stage.

  1. How will the leadership training take place?

At least half your time in the Leadership Program™ will be working on your D3 dynamics. You form your own teams to execute projects and activities related to the line and corresponding rank you have chosen to work on. There will be a mentor-coaches who will work with you at each of the lines. You will also receive “life” feedback from your team members.

  1. Is there a time limit on how long I get to work on each rank?

No. For the lower ranks, you are free to remain at different rank points until you feel ready to meet the criteria to make it to the next rank stage.

  1. So what happens when I get to progress to the next rank stage?

Once you have met certain criteria, you will qualify for the corresponding intensive weekend. ECI’s Intensive Weekends are the consolidation points for your leadership training. There will be a total of 4 intensive weekends over a 9-month period. The 5th intensive weekend will be the Leadership Bootcamp, ECI’s most intensive 7-day program.

  1. How often are intensive weekends held?

Each intensive weekend has a duration of 2 months in between from each other.

  1. What is ECI’s Leadership Program™ About?

ECI’s Leadership Program™ is built around what is an ideal leader. The Leadership Program™ is centered around you working on your third dynamics (D3). There is knowledge and relationships to be built in the third dynamics that are distinct from D1 (self) and D2 (relationships to another). D3 refers to not only your functionality but also your ability to build a team, and the potentialities that are inside you that enables you to play different roles in a team setting, be it as a leader or as a support role. In the leadership program, trainees will also get to work on certain aspects related to working in a team. For example, some D1 aspects would be how selectable a person is to be picked for a leadership position in a team setting. How would one become more selectable – become the best person for the job? What are the ways to become more functional in what we do? A D2 aspect would be to work on your consciousness of your relatability to others. How do people trust you? Are you a person whom others trust and want to work with? Are you reliable?

  1. When is the first weekend?

The first intensive weekend (Weekend 1) will be held on 15 – 17 August 2015.

  1. Who can I contact for more information about the Leadership Program™ and/or Weekend 1?

Contact Mei Yee for more information and to register for Weekend 1 (15-17 August).

Leadership Program™ is previous version of Instructorship Program.