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Who would have imagined that one man’s dream of finding answers could lead to the birth and growth of an organization that impacts thousands of lives?

Meet Kelvin Lim, founder of Live Your Mark. Listen to him share about his work, his transformation, about coaching and transformation work.


The story of Live Your Mark begins with how Kelvin transformed his life after discovering that to become an effective coach with a capacity for greatness, he had to transform himself first. After training with the likes of Thomas J. Leonard and Dr. Arnold Mindell, Kelvin started running transformational programs in tandem with training would-be coaches at Executive Coach International (ECI) he founded in 2003. That marked the birth of the flagship transformational program, The Courage to Create (TCC). 

As the community worked on their lives, new challenges surfaced in other domains of their lives, and the community wanted more. This pushed the creation of more transformational programs. Among them, Principles of Seduction (POS), the Leadership Program (LP), and Pathways of Consciousness (POC). 

Live Your Mark’s transformational programs evolved as the community needs grew and changed. Today, POS has evolved into a broader exploration of connection and relationships in Principles of Love and Relationships (POLAR). LP has evolved into an Instructorship Program to support the development of practitioners in various forms.  There are POC Shaman runs in overseas locations such as Bali, and there are follow-through practitioner programs such as POC Shaman Practitioner that further strengthen participants’ competencies.

The transformational nature of our work gave ECI wings to fly, but it also became confusing. Some chose to stick to the “professional coach training” route and pursued the coaching and certification a.k.a. “executive” route. Some threw themselves into the “transformational” route a.k.a. “personal transformation” route. Many straddled both. The growing distinctions between the two paths led to the eventual setting up of two separate organizations, Executive Coach International and Live Your Mark in 2017. Executive Coach International became the face of the ICF accredited professional coach training programs, while Live Your Mark became the face of transformational programs, TCC, POLAR and POC.  

Live Your Mark continues our work of transforming lives. After obtaining the trademark registration of TruSelf® in 2017, “The Courage to Create” program was renamed “TruSelf®  Creation Course” – keeping to the same recognizable “TCC” acronym but with a stronger focus on participants’ self-work. In 2018, Live Your Mark launched TruSelf® Masterclass for Body Evolution (TBE). Developed from the book “Awakening Awareness in You” (released for internal circulation in 2017), TBE was created at the request of community members who wanted classes that could focus on specific trainings that supported the overall continued transformation of a person. The launch of TruSelf® Masterclass for Body Evolution marked the dawn of a new era of transformational programs designed for greater accessibility to the general public.

Community Groups

We are on a mission to change the world, one transformation at a time.

Supporting the core of Live Your Mark is the community. Ordinary people who have chosen to come together to make our lives extraordinary, we are sons and daughters, wives and husbands, mummies and daddies who are driven to make our lives great and to make the work we do more accessible to more people. We contribute our time, energy and space as coaches, leaders, managers, enrollers and assistants to Live Your Mark, often while pursuing full-time careers as professionals, business owners or students. 

A number of us are also training to become practitioners in various forms, for example, as practitioners in Shaman work or as coaches or instructors using creative forms such as singing or art to make our work more accessible to more people. 

We welcome anyone who has completed a program with Live Your Mark to join us as a continuation of your transformational journey. The three groups within the community with different training focus you can join are:

Course Supervisor (CS) Body Specializing in Production Work training to support programs
Conscious Processing Unit (CPU) Specializing in Process Work training to support programs
Assistant Program Volunteer program open to all TCC graduates 

While our primary motivation to get together is to train and develop ourselves, many of us have formed strong bonds due to the nature of transformation work. (We’ve celebrated a number of weddings and newborns.)


The Live Your Mark Logo combines the concepts of the labyrinth and the thumbprint. The labyrinth is a symbolic form of pilgrimage and metaphor for an inward search – beginning with one’s journey from an opening (birth), to the center to find one’s Self (enlightenment) before going out to the world again. The thumbprint is a symbol for one’s identity and existence, which is addressed in our search for the answer to the person, “Who am I?” and subsequently, “Why am I here?” In our Work, the spiral is a symbol of evolution. It is a reminder of the space-time continuum we live in, and that while the Path has its past, present and future, we are the manifestation of our eternal pledge:

Miracles for people.
Be your truest self.
Always take the higher path.


“The ‘Labyprint’, as I call it, came to me in a dream. I saw how people didn’t know who they were, really… and they tried to find themselves everywhere – in their jobs, in their relationships and their environments… everywhere except in themselves. That’s the last place they ever look. And I had just watched the movie, ‘Labyrinth’ with some friends. It was a metaphor for finding yourself and getting lost in the maze of life. One night I was sleeping and I saw the thumbprint, which represents a person’s identity, and the labyrinth come together in a mandala-like symbol that formed the initials ECI, and I knew that was it. That was our logo.”

Julia Ng, designer of the Live Your Mark Logo