TBE, TBA, TCC, Community Processing… Which one is right for me?

By [email protected]Nov 15, 2018

Present to you by the Conscious Processing Unit (CPU)

With the recent changes and new additions to Live Your Mark’s programs, you may be wondering how to best utilize your resources for your personal development.

Fret not! We are here to shed light on the various programs that are available, such that you get a clearer picture of how you’d like to invest in yourself.

How do the Live Your Mark programs differ, and what do they offer?

In recent months, Live Your Mark has introduced new programs to download concepts and theories that deepen your understanding in a specific area, and in some instances develop technical skill sets as well.

The TruSelf Bodyworks Evolution (TBE) programs allow you to have a greater awareness and understanding of your PIESI bodies (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Sexual, Instinctive), while the TruSelf Bodyworks Application (TBA) programs expand you in the applications of 1 or 2 bodies through developing specific skill sets, such as singing. In the recent Singing Weekend last October, participants honed their ability to accurately sing melodies and keep the rhythm, as well as open their voices and perform in a way that moves the audience. There are no emotional processes during these programs.

The TruSelf Creation Course I & II (TCC I & II) focus on specific theories and concepts that increase a person’s awareness of their frameworks on how they have been living their life. There are light processing in TCC I & II, which sets the stage for participants to experience full-blown emotional processing in TCC III, which is an Impact Intensive Program.

The Impact Intensive Programs – TCC III, POLAR, POC Shadow and POC Rebirth – are structured in a way that allows you to identify specific patterns in your life, and are targeted to uncover the root cause of these patterns. These programs allow you to hunt down the cause of the patterns and undo them, and usually require you to complete a set of homework prior to the program, so you are primed for the deeper experience necessary for your processes to be successful.

So where does Community Processing fit in?

In Community Processing, you’ll come for a 3-hour session with 10 to 16 participants, and with the support of a CPU member, you get to deal with emotional traumas relating to 3 issues that you’re currently facing. These may be present-time problems or past baggage, depending on what you set as an intention to work on for the session. As such, there are a few possible outcomes to your process, and finding the vow is only one of them, and not a necessity.

The emotional release from a processing session will allow you to gain clarity on the 3 issues you’ve started out with, and how to move forward and manifest results in your life. You can also choose to work on this together with the CPU members and other participants through a self-discipline project for one month after the session.

Live Your Mark also offers private processing sessions for $300 and above /hour, where you get one-on-one attention and guidance during your process.

(Note: Community Processing is only available to graduates of The Courage to Create or TruSelf Creation Course III.)


Private Processing Community Processing New programs
e.g.TBE, TBA, TruSelf Creation Course Part I & II
Impact Intensive Programs
e.g. TruSelf Creation Course Part III, POLAR, POC Shadow, POC Rebirth
Duration 1 – 2 hours, depending on your needs 3 hours 2.5 to 3 days 3 or more full days
Any emotional processing?
What can I get out of the program / session? Emotional release and clarity

One-to-one guidance on your process

Emotional release and clarity

Processing with others, and with assistance from the CPU



Enhancement of technical skill sets

Target specific patterns in your life

Undo these patterns and behaviours

Price Range $300 and above per hour $168 for 3 hours $288 – $1,088 $2,088 – $3,888
For further enquiries, feel free to contact Mei Yee to find out more!