What is TruSelf®?

Giving you effective tools to find your unique answer to “Who I Am?”, TruSelf® is about establishing a foundation for you to be you, to remain true to you, and to live out being you, what matters to you. 

“True” refers to something that has been, and can be proven by fact or evidence. “Self” refers to your identity, the regulating center of your psyche. TruSelf® refers to Live Your Mark’s scientific approach you will take to discover who you are. As the result of your discovery, you will start to unfold and deepen who you really are as a person. “Unfold” means to discover your own philosophy on what it means to be alive. As you work on your newly-discovered skills and talents, you unlock new possibilities to happen in your life. “Deepening” refers to the next level that happens when you live out your life that puts together the new inclusions and manifestations of what you have unfolded about you, resulting in a stronger, more intense version of you.

The Seeds of Greatness Lie Within All of Us

The TruSelf® Method is an holistic approach and system for human transformation and advancement developed by Live Your Mark. It is a set of dynamic and unique technology developed from more than a decade’s work of working with thousands of people. The TruSelf® approach starts with the function of epistemology. At Live Your Mark, transformational work begins with and centers on you. The TruSelf® approach allows you to be authentic as you can be to the scientific process of evidencing something to be true. 

Epistemology sets the necessary framework for you to create a truer, better, purposeful version of yourself. We start with digging into the inquiry of who you are and what really fulfills you, so that you can be certain that the journey you craft is yours. You could say we get to the core of who you are. Then comes the probe into what makes you great.

But the power to become our greater selves comes with great responsibility. And it isn’t something that can be achieved over a few weeks. We have been around since 2004. We know personally what it takes to transform our own lives. We also made it our work to know what it takes to transform the lives of people we care about. The more we work with people, the more we learned what it really means to transform lives. This drives us to inbuild our TruSelf® systems with our continued understanding of the unfolding and deepening of human dynamics and human kinetics. We want to do so to support the continued transformation and advancement of you, and those you care for. 

“Human dynamics” refer to the many factors of the human condition, for example, your values, your background, how you relate to another person. We use the term “human kinetics” to refer to acceleration mechanics to achieve greater effectiveness for desired outcomes. For example, how to listen better and deeper to develop more meaningful relationships.

The TruSelf® Method is systematic, but non-singular and non-static. There are many TruSelf® methods we will apply to unlock your possibilities, depending on which domain you choose to focus on: your career, resources, relationships, family, health, effectiveness, freedom, fulfilment. All TruSelf® programs are created with the end goal of enabling you to transcend your limitations, embrace your vulnerability, connect you with humanity, and discover your calling. Many of our clients who start the process of transforming their lives go on to change the world in their chosen way.  This reinforces the continued refining of the TruSelf® system.

TruSelf® Tools 

At Live Your Mark, you will be introduced to a number of TruSelf® tools. Conversations is an example of a TruSelf® tool we work with. Conversations allow you to gain new perspectives, show and evidence to you something that works that you may not know existed, or defies your current understanding. The content of our conversations are drawn from the accumulated wisdom of the thousands of hours working with people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

Core Conversations is an example of a framework developed by Live Your Mark’s founder, Kelvin Lim. In Core Conversations, we speak of 9 Core Conversations to comprehensively map all the stages a person can master in life. We start with three basic Core Conversations: (1) Resources, (2) Relationships and (3) Results. Intermediate and advanced Core Conversations deal with freedom and the self-actualization of a person – these are covered in advanced TruSelf® Intensives. Functional Consciousness is another set of conversations that you will be introduced to in our flagship program, the TruSelf® Creation Course. Expand your perspective by examining topics such as fundamental responsibility and authentic self in facilitated sessions during our programs.

Coaching is another common tool we work with. At Live Your Mark, coaching happens in a group format, made possible only by a team of elite trained coaches who are able to extend one-to-one coaching in a group setting without compromising standards while maintaining a safe environment for all. If you are familiar with coaching, you will find parallels between the approach of Live Your Mark’s transformational programs and coaching. Find out more about coaching at our sister company, Executive Coach International.

Life Coaching - Basic 3 Core Conversations

Pillars of Work for Transformation

Breaking down transformation talk into simpler terms

Impression Work 

Come closer to finding your answer that has baffled humans for civilisations: Who Am I? Get to know the real you by resolving the root causes of deeply-seated patterns instead of correcting surface behaviors. 

The focal point of Impression Work is finding out how your patterns came about, and take you through a process of undoing the effects they had on you. By bringing awareness to the impacts of your past experiences and letting go of them through our TruSelf® process methods, this is how you not only experience a freedom to act with more awareness instead of allowing the same patterns to run your life unconsciously, but also gain lasting transformation in your life. Experience first hand what Impression Work is like for you in the TruSelf® Creation Course.


Bodies Work 

Are you aware exactly how amazing your body can be? Let us show you how. 

Exercise your personal power starting from the premise that your body has separate bodies: you have a physical, an emotional and an intellectual body. Each of your bodies is distinct, and has its own set of mechanics. In Bodies Work, you focus on building up proficiency in each body to set you on your way to become superfunctional. Dream of achieving superhuman physical feats? What about being a physiopath or an empath? Would you like to calculate multiple possibilities in your mind or recall details with speedy ease? Anything is possible. Start your proficiency training with our TruSelf® Masterclasses for Body Evolution.

[Link to TruSelf® Masterclasses for Body Evolution]

Values Work

We believe that within you, you have the wisdom to be you. 

In Values Work, we help you get in touch with your truth. At the surface level, Values Work is about what resonates with you. At a deeper level, it is about your gifts and potential. At your core, it is about your purpose, you being human.  When you can distinguish between what was conditioned vs what is true about you, you get closer to discovering who you are and your calling. Putting it all back together again as integration defines the gap between who you are and who you can be. 

Awareness Work 

Going beyond mindfulness, pure awareness has an “empty” quality. It is a safe space: non-judgemental, free from desires and expectations, neutral observation. 

Awareness Work happens in conjunction with the other pillars of work for transformation. You become more aware when you have cleared the impressions that your past has on you, when you are more proficient with your bodies, when you can consistently hold a safe space for you and for others, and when you manifest your transformation into tangible forms. So while we’ll start with us holding a safe space for you to be vulnerable, ultimately, we will want you to do the same… for you. 

Manifestation Work 

Manifestation isn’t just about performance, achievements and results. At Live Your Mark, we focus on the essence of Manifestation Work, which is creation. 

The world might view your achievements with praise, but we zoom in on the much less talked-about secret in Manifestation Work, which is about succeeding in the eyes of the world on your terms. After discovering who you are in our TruSelf® Creation Course, Manifestation Work involves taking your inner vision, combining it with your updated understanding of the workings of the world, and working on being able to create your will and intention into tangible forms.