“Leadership is an action, not a position.”

Donald McGannon


The Leadership Program (LP) shapes you to become the leader you would follow and seeks to answer the question, “How do I become a leader?”

Open only to graduates of both The Courage to Create™ and Making Courage Work™, the Leadership Program helps you to discover your leadership formula and evolve to become the leader you want at a pace that is right for you. Originating from Asia’s Pioneer Master Coach, experience the intensity of training that propels you straight into critical situational problem-solving and transforms the way you think and act forever.

The Leadership Program accelerates your journey towards being an effective leader, offering instrumental and holistic training in mechanics and success formulae, skillset mastery, logics, communication, teamwork, and authentic self-expression that improves your productivity (and that of those around you) to deliver better performance and superior results for you and your organization.

Learn the 4 critical skills in leadership:

1. Controlling external factors
2. Attracting others through speaking
3. Influencing through conversation
4. Effectively managing any type of event

Inspire change, move people, and make things happen! These are the hallmarks of an effective leader – the type of leader you will become upon graduating from our Leadership Program.

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Are you…

• a person who wants to learn the fundamentals to building and/or working in an effective and efficient team?

• in a leadership position and want to learn how to work with different types of people?

• an aspiring leader who wants to learn real-world leadership principles and how to apply them?

• a person who wants to better know how to utilise self-awareness to create change within yourself and lead yourself better?

• someone who wants to know the essentials of developing your strengths for greater successes?

We have worked with hundreds of people from students, to entrepreneurs, to high-level corporate executives for them to become leaders in their fields.

The Leadership Program is for the people who desire to be the movers and shakers of the world.

This is NOT a program to help you copy somebody’s leadership formula. This program helps you to discover your own leadership formula. Only by finding your own formula for leading people can you achieve sustainable success as a leader.
This is NOT a program that is only about leadership theories. The Leadership Program has practical applications, allowing you to work with fellow members of the program on projects to help you put into practice what you have learnt during the group coaching sessions.
This is NOT a program that simply gives you all the solutions The amount of effort you put into the program will be reflected in your results. What you earn is for you to keep and for you to apply into the rest of your life.
This is NOT a program that allows you to settle for being simply mediocre. The Leadership Program has a set of criteria to help you constantly challenge what you call your best. In order for you to graduate from the Leadership Program, you will need to pass a series of tests at 80%. This ensures that the results that you are able to attain in your life are truly extraordinary.

Are you ready to move the world? Contact us to find out more or register for the Leadership Program now.


Life coaching success story
I was recognized as one of the top 3% performers in my company.
Steve Ong
Former Regional Manager of a Fortune 50 MNC

Before I joined the Leadership Program, I always felt that I didn’t have sufficient time, and wondered how successful people reach their position despite having the same 24/7 as me. During LP, I realized that I could have achieved much more within the same period – by changing my framework and learning how to build a team. LP helped me build my foundation in organization building and management which significantly increased my productivity. As a result, I was recognized as one of the top 3% performers in my company, just by leveraging my learning from LP. One great bonus that I didn’t anticipate from the program was making many great friends who went through the LP journey with me.

Testimonial of successful life coaching
I wanted to break through my limits.
Zhou Mi
Co-Founder of 42Race

I constantly felt my life was in a comfort zone. I was able to score high grades in school and secure a stable job in a Fortune 100 company 10 months before graduation. I went for an exchange program in Canada and read philosophy books in search of the meaning of life. I found myself lost at times and wanted to figure out what really matters to me. I wanted to learn about my limits and limitations and I knew that putting myself into a highly stressful environment in LP could help me do that, especially after encountering senior graduates whom I admired and regarded as super-human beings.

I really appreciated the pressure-cooker environment that LP provided. Through a series of challenges set for us, I became more aware of myself and my strengths, and learned from my failures – such as my limitations in leading a team, handling details, and managing my health and energy during a high-stress period – and strived to do better.

Now I am building a startup and those experiences from LP are really valuable references for me. I’m able to deliver my message to a crowd more clearly, thanks to the leading training I received in LP. I am able to manage my personal energy and stay energetic and focused for my work even with 4 hours of sleep a day, after learning to perform in hyper-intensive environments during my training in LP. During LP, sometimes I did not get to choose my own teammates. Nonetheless, my trainers allowed me to realize that my frameworks in team dynamics had hindered me from success. This realization had become the foundation for the current startup which I am building – to see others’ viewpoints, manage expectations and team dynamics, build a more open culture, and attract more talents in working together towards the same goal.

One unexpected benefit for me was my tolerance towards tough situations. LP was intense for me. The challenge was to keep our lives functioning in spite of numerous projects to complete. In order to save time and be more effective, I rented a couch in the city center and slept there for 6 months. It was indeed memorable. From being a single child raised in a sheltered environment, this experience made me a much stronger person. I learned to stay alert, calm and clear during critical periods – extremely important qualities for my startup life as we face tight deadlines and unexpected situations on a daily basis.


The Leadership Program is conducted over a series of 4 impactful, highly specialized weekends culminating into a Bootcamp that involves individual and group coaching, team management and leadership development with practical exercises.

Are you ready to move the world? Contact us to find out more or register for the Leadership Program now.


Attend a free introduction to coaching session and find out more about The Courage to Create™ coaching program, a prerequisite to LP.

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