What are some of the forwarding New Year’s resolutions?

By LYM SocialJan 16, 2018

New Year’s resolutions are centered on being a better version of you through creating habits, disciplines, and practices to support the “better” version of you.

Physical well-being

  • When we’re focusing on big life goals like job promotions or getting a degree, we might give our physical well-being a back seat. It’s good to remember it begins with a healthy body, and you’re the most important goal in the whole equation. So what can you do to make sure your body is in top form to support the manifestation of your dreams in this year?
  • Making healthier eating choices- a well-balanced diet that caters to your lifestyle ensures you get the nutrients you need to keep you energized- that’s going to be key to keep you going after all the things you want in this new year! Eating healthy will also help you stay strong and healthy to go through the whole year.
  • Getting enough rest- sleep and necessary breaks give your body a chance to recharge and relax. Give your body enough time to rest in order to help you function optimally.
  • Exercise- you may need an outlet to relieve stress and just let out the frustrations of the day in addition to keeping your body fit and strong. Exercising can be playing tennis, swimming or jogging around the block.
  • Declutter – what we don’t often realize is that a messy or crowded physical environment can affect our well-being. Get rid of the old stuff you don’t use anymore to find openings for fresh starts.

Emotional well-being

  • The ability to understand the value of your emotions and how to use them to move forward in life is critical. Being emotionally-well enables you to function efficiently and have healthy coping mechanisms. A great starting point to emotional well-being begins with managing your emotions. Ways of ensuring emotional well-being include:
  • A good habit to build up emotional-well-being is setting aside time each day to engage in activities that you love and find meaning in. Engaging in activities that make you feel positive about yourself in your life can be a powerful motivating force that drives you to continue to want to make more positive changes in your life.
  • Be more expressive yet do not hurt others. Your emotions need healthy outlets for release, whether it is talking it through with the other person about how you really feel, or finding other means to channel negative emotions into possibilities like art or music that do not hurt others and yourself in the process.
  • Minimize stress – Stress can cause a lot of emotional damage. Get yourself involved in classes or activities that help you channel out your negative emotions. E.g. art therapy or resolve the root of your stress through coaching.

Intellectual well-being

  • Many of us are guilty of ‘stopping’ our intellectual growth after we complete school. The brain, like our physical body, is like a muscle that needs exercise. Learning as a life-long skill isn’t just about on-the-job training; it is also about engaging our intellect in mentally stimulating activities to expand your knowledge and ‘brain processing’ abilities base. By actively challenging your mind to explore issues and solve problems, you are opening yourself up to discover mental potential as well as keep you abreast and more mindful on what is going on in the world today. You can boost intellectual well-being by:
  • Explore new ideas through reading – Find time to read both for leisure as well as to increase your knowledge base. Reading allows you to gain knowledge and allows your mind to be stretched beyond the needs of daily living. What will be some outside the box areas you would like to gain knowledge in this New Year? Artificial intelligence? Geoengineering?  Read more about history, world politics and other unfamiliar areas to expand your knowledge base.
  • Be open-minded – Opening yourself up to new ideas and concepts ensures you do not limit your knowledge base.

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