Life Coaching – What the Heck is it About?

By Purnima BalrajuApr 06, 2017

“Just talking about it is not the same as when I actually experience it myself, even though I understand all the theories in the world.”

– Erwin Sukamto

“Life coaching is an experience in itself, it’s very difficult to describe.”

– Steve Ong

Quick guide to understanding the work of life coaches

We’re all familiar with coaches. They are the people who guide us, a pillar of support in our time of need who nudge you towards the right tools for you to succeed in your field. Whether it is for a sport or for your personal development, coaches are there to help you out of a tight spot.

That being said, what is Life Coaching? Let’s dispel some myths:

Life Coaching is not:

  • A session where solutions to your issues are given to you instantly. It takes effort to get the answers
  • A pep talk
  • A time for you to offload all your problems without the intention of working towards actionable steps to resolve them
  • A session where someone uses their own experiences to tell you how to solve an issue
  • About getting a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution

What Is Life Coaching All About?

Instead, life coaching is the transformation of human potential into action, leading to tangible results in your life. It is the process of reworking your self-awareness, empowerment as well as maximizing your potential.

Everyone can benefit from engaging a life coach – from CEOs to managers, executives, entrepreneurs, students and even retirees. After all, it is an avenue to get better acquainted with yourself to unlock your full potential.

Think about it, if there is a gap between your life at this moment and where you want it to be, coaching will help you get there, faster.


What Exactly is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about finding out your best self with the help of a certified coach. Nope, this is not a space where the solutions to your problems are simply handed to you. Together with a coach, you will work things out. Think of it as a road trip, with you at the steering wheel and your coach in the passenger seat.

Both of you have an equal relationship – you need your coach to help you navigate and without you driving, both of you will go nowhere. Navigation is done via a series of carefully crafted questions. These help you to make an informed decision on whether you should take a left or right turn, or simply keep going straight ahead. Life coaching is thus a process of becoming self-aware. As you answer the questions, your coach guides you to finding a destination unique to you.

Your life coach cannot force or advise you to select a certain path. The ownership and ultimate decision lies with you. After discovering what you need to do and where you need to go next, you start the process all over again. Self-improvement is cyclical and your life coach is with you to strengthen your foundation. This is personal development at its best!

TLDR: This 3 minute video would catch you up on the essence of life coaching 😉


What Happens During a Coaching Session?

Different Coaching Schools have their own unique methods of delivering value to clients. At Executive Coach International, a client’s coaching objectives, personality and values are carefully taken into consideration.

A client is given the space to express and explore their issues freely.

With this, a client is asked a series of powerful questions that are able to draw out their own solutions to the issues.

Personal Development Coach - Kelvin Lim

Coaches are equipped with active listening skills and insightful questioning abilities in order to draw out the best from a client. Coaches also support you in building your awareness to the blind spots in your frameworks.

By the end of each session, you and your coach will work out an actionable plan for you to have tangible breakthroughs in your career, relationships, finances, effectiveness or even finding freedom from the burdens of daily life.

Have The Courage to Create

A lot of times we find ourselves pushing aside the questions nagging at the back of our minds.

Is it too late for me to study law? Am I good enough for that promotion? If only I was younger, I would apply for that job…

These excuses holding you back could point out to a deeper, sub-conscious issue that you are too afraid of confronting. Perhaps it is a problem you did not even know you have! Think about your passions and why you gave them up.

Has pushing your passions aside led to a meaningful and fulfilling existence for you? If so, great! If not, come with us to have a discussion on how you can rekindle that spark inside you for a more purposeful future.