Www.Liveyourmark.Com Goes Live

By Kenneth OhJan 15, 2015

It’s finally “live” – our revamped website! And it’s brimming with stuff we don’t normally shout about – especially not in our newsletters where we *sometimes* take liberties with you!


From us in the media to accolades and to our corporate vision, you can now easily and quickly navigate our website for content you are interested in.  

And there’s so much more! You can also get to know more about our coaches: their qualifications, their background, and also a glimpse into what they are like underneath the hot corporate suits they wear. Here’s a snapshot:


You can also browse, at your leisure, through our coaching services and programs: the mysterious icons that grace our unique programs are explained, as with the distinctions between life and executive coaching.

And for our readers hungry for something to read, check out our archive of articles on coaching, life, as well about our history as an organization– some date back years!


And for those of you who have already met us in person, look out for the familiar faces! Do you like what you see? Tell us what you think! Drop us an email here.