3 Ways to Utilize the Energy You’ve Gained Back from Processing

Present to you by the Conscious Processing Unit (CPU) 1) Write 3 pages of a free-flow journal After the processing session, write a 3-page free flow journal about it. It’s best to do this a few hours after the process, as soon as possible after you get home that same day. If you’re not able [...]

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How Do You Deal With Difficult People?

The liar, the cynic, the needy, the control-freak, the flake, the manipulator, the show-off, the envious, the pretender, the arguer… There’s no easy way to put this across: this article isn’t going to be easy to read. Life is difficult. There is no doubt everyone is going to run into people who will come across [...]

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What are some of the forwarding New Year’s resolutions?

New Year's resolutions are centered on being a better version of you through creating habits, disciplines, and practices to support the “better” version of you. Physical well-being When we're focusing on big life goals like job promotions or getting a degree, we might give our physical well-being a back seat. It’s good to remember it [...]

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My Secret to Being Happy

It takes more than just putting a smile on your face. Society places too much focus on being happy, rather the meaning of being happy. When a friend looks sad, we automatically ask “what’s wrong?”. Being happiness has become a natural part of our learned behaviour. So much so that a lot of us do [...]

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What On Earth Am I Here For?

"What on earth am I here for? Why am I here, why do I exist? What is my purpose in life? Was my life just an accident? How can I live a meaningful life? How do I find my passions, my callings, my dreams? Why me?" Have these questions ever bugged you before? Have you tried reading dozens of books about motivation, drive, spirituality, religion, the 'laws of attraction’ and thousands of similar self-help books...

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Self-expression: What is it and why is it important for everyone?

There are a multitude of ways to express what is authentic to you, whether through speech, drawing, singing, dancing or even the way you dress. Cultural, societal and familial conditioning of what to say/not to say or do (e.g. “big boys don’t cry”) leads us to suppress our emotions and thoughts within us, which is unhealthy for our mental and emotional well-being. In some extreme cases, this suppression can even affect our physical health...

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Why You Should Be A Leader

Being a leader is not about the position, rank or glory – it is simply about being willing and able to lead people with you to a better place than that which they would have been able to reach by themselves. Here are 4 reasons for becoming one:

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5 Tips to Choosing a Coach

Because everybody has very different needs, requirements and goals, coaches in general come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, experience, specializations and backgrounds. So how do you go about choosing a coach who can suit you and your needs best?

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What Is A Leader For?

What is a Leader, exactly? We’ve all heard of Leaders, of course, but what actually is the Leader’s exact value, and why do Leaders even exist in the first place? If you were to strip it of all its glory, its veneer, its titles, its rewards, its responsibilities, what then does a leader do?

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If this is your last day to live, what would you do?

If this was your last day to live, would you honestly go to work and spend 8 hours doing what you do for a living? Whom would you want to be with, if you had a choice? For many, death, last-days to live are taboo, dreadful subjects to be avoided. But if there is something about this question that makes you examine what is it that you do in your waking moments that makes them all worthwhile...

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