at work.

Develop the transformative skills and mindset to take your career to the next level.

Interactive coursework, structured practice and a supportive community to help you leave a mark on your world.

Do you feel trapped and dissatisfied with your job?

  • Overlooked time after time for promotions and recognition as others around you advance
  • Wondering if your current career is really right for you, but nervous about making a change
  • Unsure why a life that’s “great” feels so suffocating and joyless

Get the insight you need to fine-tune your career path

TruSelf Creation Workshop

A free 2.5 hr Zoom workshop offered every Thursday evening. Begin to unlock what is holding you back, and see if Live Your Mark is for you.

TruSelf Creation Course

Our flagship course! Understand how you became who you are, let go of the parts that hold you back, and find freedom and purpose with a renewed mindset.

BodyWork Introduction

Open your eyes to the habits that are slowing you down. Accelerate your success with skills that enable you to show up consistently at your best.

Begin your Live Your Mark journey with any of these three interactive courses.
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Make a change that will make a difference

Live Your Mark, we know what it’s like to feel like something is missing or wrong at work, but not know what it is or how to fix it.

We’ve helped hundreds of people see their old habits and ways of thinking with fresh perspective. Our students master new skills and a mindset that helps them live with more freedom, energy, and purpose than they thought possible. We invite you to do the same and leave your unique mark on the world!

Live Your Mark is not therapy
It’s not just another course to take and forget

Our philosophy combines 15 schools of thought into one, and we take a holistic approach to adult education as well. We challenge you to not just learn facts, but to dig deep and apply what you learn to your daily life, with perspective and non-judgemental support from others.

Here’s how it works


The course gave me new eyes to see how I could change my life. It brought me back in touch with who I am, heightened my awareness to my intuition, and gave me clarity to see.

– Diane Phillips

Understand yourself​

Intensive weekend courses like BodyWork Introduction and Truself Creation Course will open your eyes to old ideas and habits that are keeping you stuck, and who you can become without them.

Change from the inside out​

Follow your course with guided practicums and projects. Find the courage to move out of your comfort zone and explore new things and new ways of interacting with the people around you.


BodyWork Introduction practicum was an amazing and great program that changed me at the fundamental levels. It increased my awareness, allowing me the space to make some changes, and guidance to how to make those changes.

– Cai Xiao


In this community because everybody went through that same flagship program we are able to communicate at a frequency where we can understand each other.

– Cynthia Lim

Keep growing in community

Surround yourself with positive people on the same journey by joining our free graduate community. You’ll benefit from the perspectives of others at similar and different stages of life.

About Live Your Mark

Live Your Mark was founded by Kelvin Lim in 2004. Since our humble beginnings in the attic of Kelvin’s home, we have grown to become a leading organization in South-East Asia, offering transformational programs. Every year, hundreds of graduates from all over the world and from all walks of life jump into our programs to experience profound changes in their lives. Who or what is this community?

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