Who am I? Who can I be?

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Kickstart your personal transformation with The TruSelf® Creation Course – our transformative, evidence-based introduction to Impression Work, the flagship program that has been transforming lives since 2004. 

In the spirit of coaching and empowering personal power, we believe YOU have the wisdom inside you to live the life you want. And we want to get you there so that life can truly begin for you. 

We know you might have heard this before. But here’s how we do it at Live Your Mark:

We start from the premise that there is no telling you what to do with your life in this program. Instead, we set the premise for you to be as authentic as you can be to the scientific process of evidencing something to be true in your life. In other words, we give you the tools for you find your truth. This sets the necessary framework for you to create the truer, better, purposeful version of you. 

Putting science into personal transformation, our TruSelf® Creation Course operates from proprietary theoretical frameworks and techniques known as the TruSelf® Method, unique technologies developed from more than a decade of working with thousands of people that focus on the ability to create functionality and awareness and measurable by way of tangible results. Are you prepared to be blown away with authentic conversations based on accumulated wisdom of working with hundreds of people over thousand of hours?

Having transformed the lives of hundreds, we know that 4 days isn’t a lot of time to get through a lot of self-work.

But we like a challenge. As do you. Are you ready to step up your game? 

Try it now! Sample how questioning works, a technique used to jumpstart the inquiry process


TruSelf® Creation Course

Create A New You in 4 days

Here’s how we will work with you over 4 days: 

  • Rework your awareness of who you are

Who are you, really? What are you really like when nobody is watching vs what you are really like when someone or everyone is watching? 

  • Equip you with tools to expand your possibilities. 

When possibilities show up in your life, what happens? How can you tell where the possibilities are in your life? How do you choose? How clear is your roadmap for where you are headed? How certain are you in getting to where you want to go? 

  • Connect you with your values. 

What is truly meaningful to you, if people, time and money did not matter? How will you live out a life of meaning for you? Who will be with you? What is your legacy? How would you want to impact the world we live in? 

  • Transcend your limitations for lasting change. 

What is holding you back in your life now? Ready to let go? Can you? Will you?

The insanity loop: Not surprisingly, you would have come across these questions in your life. As did we. So we both know how impossible it is to really truthfully answer each of the questions posed with clarity and certainty on our own without other voices in our head getting in the way. And if you have been attempting so on your own, the insanity of not getting solid, holistic answers that you can work into your life gets overwhelming, makes you shutdown, become delusional, skeptical, resigned. 

No one should live life this way. Breakout of your insanity loop NOW.

Who Am I?


TruSelf® frameworks on functionality and proficiency

  • What is your Physical (P), Intellectual (I) and Emotional (E) body like via our PIE proficiency model
  • Map out your personal progression with our 9 Core Conversations – a progressive evolutionary scale that builds from foundational to mastery level


  • Impression Work Tools on memory priming and recall that will be practiced throughout TCC
  • Deeper understanding into the working of you, tested against human beings in general
  • New and updated realizations on who you are in your secret, private and public worlds


  • Engage in activities outside your comfort zone to expand your reality
  • Meet others in a safe, supportive environment to facilitate transformational work

Am I A Functional Authentic Being?


TruSelf® frameworks about human dynamics 

  • How our Functional Consciousness conversation: from Fundamental Responsibility to Authentic Self applies to you
  • Discover where you are in the Functionality conversation: What makes a person functional?


  • Impression Work Tools to identify your triggers, reactions, and where they come from
  • Heightened sense of how your body works, and how to work with your emotions, thoughts and physical body
  • Discipline and awareness to manage your defences that will come up 


Engage in TruSelf® facilitated, structured activities to effect change in your life in a non-judgemental environment

How I Came To Be Who I Am?


TruSelf® frameworks about human mechanics 

  • Functional Consciousness conversation: from functional workability to body proficiencies


  • Deeper Awareness Work to grasp how you make decisions, what drives your preferences, behaviors and decisions
  • Stronger control through awareness of what lies behind the things that stop you from achieving your goals
  • Expanded reality of your comfort zone and its effect on your life 


  • Evidence-based activities that test the validity of what you hold to be true in your life (starting with the signature “Act of Courage”!)

I Am My Truest Self


TruSelf® frameworks on becoming our truest selves

  • Self-love, Responsibility and Ownership, Integration


  • Peace to be yourself, and make peace with your past
  • Freedom to be your Truest Self
  • Values Work: inspiration and clarity to move in the direction you want
  • Ownership of your life


  • Let go of what is outdated and no longer relevant to you and the life you want

TruSelf® customized activities to express who you truly are and can be

Vera Tan

Senior Manager, SMU

“After giving birth to my first child in 2014, I went through a very challenging time being a working professional, taking care of my boy, and maintaining my relationships with my husband, family and friends. I felt that there were many gaps and things inside me – bad relationship experiences, etc. – that didn’t really get resolved but rather, were parked in a deep corner and ready to re-ignite upon a trigger.

Hence, when I got to know about TCC and coaching, there was a lightbulb moment, ‘Hey, I think I need to go for this course!’

The many exercises that I went through broke a lot of my own limits in doing things out of usual comfort zone, but the end results were satisfying. After TCC, I understood that I can definitely be pushed beyond my current state. I learnt that I am definitely more capable than what I thought myself to be. Most importantly, I discovered myself and learnt to have confidence and trust in myself.

I am definitely thankful that I was being pushed to my limits so that I was able to emerge stronger, find my confidence, and have a new take on how to manage my relationships with others. The coaches are trustworthy and created an impact to my life. Thank you!

TCC is for someone who is ready to have a change in life. You are given a chance to look at your past, learn why things happened that made you into the YOU today, grow out of it (especially those bad experiences and memories!) and then become a better YOU moving forward! And of course, TCC is a chance for you to be surrounded by a group of people with positive energies!”

What You Will Love About TCC


Discover Your Calling

(Way beyond your next career move!)

– Becoming the real you

– purposeful living for you and those you care for


(This is where the fun begins!)

– How you became to be who you are today

– Direction on where you want to go from here

Authentic Accumulated Wisdom

(No cut-&-paste jargon!)

– frameworks on human dynamics 

– acceleration formulae

Lasting Change

(Transcend limitations!) 

– let go, make peace with your past

– Mechanics for functionality & proficiency

Tested + Proven Results           

Real life transformational stories – See our Trainers’ profiles and get a sense of how we are walking our talk.

48 Hours Investment 

Transforming your life is serious business. Our vested interest is YOU. When was the last time you invested 48 hours of your energy and  time to get to know you?

Size Limit

We put limits where it matters. We limit our class size to 30 participants to ensure sufficient trainer-to-participant attention and customization.

Process in a Safe Space

You need a safe space to be you. No distractions, no intrusions, no judgement. Safety and confidentiality not only happens during programs, but also extends as an ongoing community guideline we live by.

How TruSelf Creation Course Works

One TruSelf® approach in the TruSelf® Creation Course (TCC) is the function of epistemology. We believe you have your answers in you – you just need a proven way to find and test it. In TCC, you will be invited to verify for yourself, to test, and to use your own experience and go through the process, to see whether what we say is true or not true, whether it makes sense or does not make sense, whether it works or doesn’t work for you. How do we facilitate this process…?

TruSelfCreation Course Schedule

Next Run: 24 – 27 February 2022  Click Here For Available Dates

Your $ Investment: $3,499

Make your life work to Live Your Mark.

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