Truself Creation Course

Outwardly successful but deeply unhappy...

You’re moving up the corporate ladder, earning a good salary, living up to the expectations of others.

So why do you feel so

  • Lost?
  • Stuck?
  • Angry?
  • Unfulfilled?

Find Answers.
Find Your Purpose

The TruSelf™ Creation Course (TCC) can help you discover:
  • Clarity. Understand who you really are and what is truly meaningful to you
  • A roadmap. Start each day knowing where you want to go and motivated to take the next step
  • A courageous new life. Finally let go of what's holding you back and live with purpose
TCC provided a glimpse of what is it like to have limitless possibilities of life. Once I tasted the glimpse of it, my perspective of life took a 180 degree turn.

If you’re ready for a change, we’re ready to help

There is a reason your job or your life isn’t as fulfilling as you expected. But it’s hard to discover and overcome its root cause on your own. We know – we’ve been there!

Our TruSelf™ Creation Course has helped over 1000 professionals, students, parents, and retired people overcome the hidden obstacles holding them back. It can help you too.
Experience our approach for yourself at a free preview.

I had this hesitation and fear of the unknown. But after TCC I found a very different version of me and it totally changed my way of thinking. I found my direction in life and many other people who are also on this journey of self discovery.

Is the TruSelf™ Creation Course for you?

  • What it is: A transformative, interactive, multi-day course in a supportive group setting.
  • Who it’s for: Adults who feel unfulfilled at work or in life, and want to know the root cause of that pain.
  • What you’ll do: Discover what is holding you back in life. Set it aside forever. Live with new freedom and purpose.

Attend a free preview workshop: Experience the power of our interactive method first-hand and risk-free! Zoom workshops are offered weekly.

I have attended many self-development & motivational courses. However TCC really made the difference. I attained the clarity to discover who I really am and what I want out of my life. This has allowed me to make clear and powerful decisions, allowing me to lead meaningful ‘everydays’! this journey of self discovery.

Angeline Loh
Business Development Manager

It’s time to start really living!

You’ve read books and blogs, and listened to podcasts and videos, but you’re still searching for answers to why “doing the right things” feels so empty.
At Live Your Mark, we believe you have the answers in you. You just need a proven way to find and test them, and the space and perspective to do the work. In the TruSelf™ Creation Course (TCC), you’ll use our unique TruSelf™ method to do just that.
95% of people experience a significant life-changing transformation after attending the TruSelf™ Creation Course.

Are you ready to start living a life you love?

TCC is for someone who is ready to have a change in life. You are given a chance to look at your past, learn why things happened that made you into the YOU today, grow out of it (especially those bad experiences and memories!) and then become a better YOU moving forward! And of course, TCC is a chance for you to be surrounded by a group of people with positive energies!

Vera Tan
Senior Manager

3 steps to a more vibrant, meaningful life

Sign up for a free preview

You don’t have to stay stuck in old patterns! Set aside a Thursday evening to take a concrete step toward something new. 

Experience our method

Actively participate in the free Zoom preview to begin to uncover hidden blind spots that are limiting you.

Dig deep & find answers

Register for the full 4-day TruSelf™ Creation Course to unlock the clarity and purpose you’ve been longing for!

If you’d like to know what living a fulfilling and meaningful life can look like while still achieving your goals in your career, then join us at the upcoming TruSelf™ Creation Workshop.

BONUS: Receive a FREE copy of ‘Pick Me Up’ E-book when you sign up & read about the first-hand experience of people who have benefitted from the TruSelf™ method

Date: Every Thursday
7pm to 9pm
$488 FREE (Limited seats available)
Venue: Online Session

If you feel your life is not smooth, you want to know more about yourself etc, TCC is a MUST TAKE program. You will be amazed with your changes within a short period. This journey of self discovery.

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