“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”

Brené Brown


At Live Your Mark, we believe that everyone – irrespective of their age, position, background and circumstances – has the chance to develop themselves to become more powerful human beings, and are capable of making a profound difference for themselves and others. If you have the hunger, willingness and capacity to experience more in life, our evolutionary pathways are designed to help you achieve more out of life in a shorter time.

Our most popular course, TCC (The Courage to Create), has now been upgraded to become even more in-depth and effective with 3 successive courses known as the Truself™ Creation Course Part 1, 2 and 3.


Truself™ Creation Course Part 1 (TCC 1)

Begin the journey of personal evolution with an introduction to self-work and how to cultivate the attitudes and mindsets necessary for becoming truer, better versions of ourselves

Truself™ Creation Course Part 2 (TCC 2)

Learn about what stops us from growing and evolving, and mastering ourselves fully

Uncover how the past shapes us, including our mindsets, feelings and where our reactions come from

Truself™ Creation Course Part 3 (TCC 3)

Reinvigorate your sense of self and walk into life a truer, more powerful version of yourself

What you can expect


Learn about the Core Conversations, a progressive evolutionary scale of people in the function of the world that provides you with a map to build from foundational level to mastery

Gain awareness of the different factors that shape us and limit us from becoming the person we want to be

Get a sense of the methodologies that have been proven to work for our participants over the past 16 years and how they can benefit you


Gain a deeper understanding into the workings of human beings, human dynamics and human mechanics

Learn about triggers, reactions, and where they come from

Understand and get a sense of how your emotional body works, and how to work with emotions

Meet others in a safe, supportive environment that allows for real work to get done


Explore the depths of your being in a safe and supportive space

Uncover your strengths and weaknesses and where they come from

Get to the origins of what has been holding you back from living the life you want over the years

Learn how to let go of what has been holding you back through the TruSelf Method that has been proven to work with thousands of people

How you will benefit


Gain a deeper understanding of how life works

Uncover what gets you stuck and get a sense of what’s behind your present time problems

Discover what you need to unhook from to expand yourself and become a truer, better version of yourself


Gain a deeper understanding of how you make decisions and what drives your preferences and behaviors

Begin uncovering how you became the person that you are today

Get back control of yourself through awareness of what lies behind the things that stop you from achieving your goals


Reap the wisdom from your experiences

Let go of what is outdated, outmoded and no longer relevant to you and your life today

Be at peace with yourself and with your past

Gain the freedom to be your truest self

Gain the clarity to choose your participation in life

Discover your internal power and inspiration to move in the direction you want for yourself and your life

Get ready to begin your journey of self-discovery to become a truer, more powerful version of yourself. Take the first step to unlock your potential and sign up for the next TruSelf™ Creation Course.