Here’s why we sharpen our senses #beingshaman


Here’s why we sharpen our senses #beingshaman

One of the things we tend to forget in our busy-ness of living and our need to create a modern human society is that we forget we are embedded within a natural world. Sure, we have conquered the natural world with our cleverness and our technological advances, but fundamentally, we are still dependent on the natural world. No matter how advanced we become, we cannot remove ourselves totally from it. And there is a lot more consciousness now about the damage we have caused the natural world. To put it simply, if we don’t love our environment, we won’t have an environment to love us back. We might not think much about the plastic trash bag that gets taken away dutifully by the trash collector, but a trash bag left in nature remains in nature for a very long time.

The delicate balance between nature and humans give us an insight of how we are connected to our earth and how our earth is connected to us. It goes beyond our awareness of how we are damaging the world; it is also how our evolution has been impacted by the increasing disconnection we have with nature.

If we lived in nature, and we are immersed in it, relying on our natural senses would be second nature to us. We will pay more attention to the wind and the sun, to how the crops are growing, how the rains are, how there is too little earth.

But we no longer have access to that kind of exposure now as a person living in a modern society.

Which also means that our senses have become dulled.

We are no longer in tune with nature and its cycles.

So just like how it is second nature now go to the gym to keep our physical body fit, and how we are on the constant search for lifehacks to make our lives better, consciously creating practices to keep our senses sharp also need to be in place.

No longer can we rely on “nature” because naturally, honing our senses isn’t going to happen. Hence it becomes a conscious choice to bring back sharpening our senses through training.

Sharpen your senses through shamanic training now.