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A new perspective on the cycle of life #beingshaman

The circle is a basic geometric shape that equalizes.

When people gather in groups around a circle formation, a circular form of leadership is formed. Be it a bonfire or a corporate table or dining table. By coming together, everyone seated in the circle has equal share in that circle to participate in the activity – be it the sharing of stories or wisdom, decision-making and solution creation, or enjoying a delicious feast.

But of course, not everyone had the same merit to be in the circle. But in a circle formation, no one is denied their right to be present and to display themselves. This equalizing effect is extremely powerful, as it equalizes man and woman, boss and employee, parent and child, and so on. No other geometric shape creates a similar effect.

In nature, we can tell the age and health of a tree by counting its tree rings. In life, we can tell how a person lives via his socio-economic circle.


Likewise, the circle also represents the circle of life which we humans are part of. How we are part of the Great Wheel of Life and how the Great Wheel of Life is present in all of us.

From the natural water cycle to the cycle of creation and destruction in nature, the Great Wheel of Life is also linked to the love circle – how the care and intuition we have for the people and the world around us comes back to us in the form of reciprocal love.

And it doesn’t end there. We can also speak of the Great Wheel of Life being our life journey. From the moment we are born, and then onwards when we start to travel, when we follow our energies to different places and experiences, when we die.

So the Great Wheel of Life has to do with the equality of things, the harmony of things, and the cycle of things. And it is as real as it was hundreds of years before, and will continue to be, hundreds of years from now.

And when we study the circle, we understand the circle. We understand life cycles, we learn how to identify life patterns too. And this becomes the way in which we interact with the world.

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