Coaching and The Secret To Getting a Promotion


Coaching and The Secret To Getting a Promotion

You Are Going To Be Promoted

Career Coaching vs Executive Coaching

It is quite common to hear of executives talk about career and executive coaching nowadays. But what are the differences between them? And (perhaps, more importantly), where will the opportunities for coaching be?

Career Coaching

The career game isn’t about job searches anymore. More and more ambitious, upwardly mobile and lifestyle-integrated individuals strive to better their positions through a series of planned career moves. More individuals also question the degree of fulfillment their jobs give (or fail to give) them.

Hence, coaches who master the career-coaching toolset will find many opportunities in terms of offering value-added services for hungry career executives in key areas such as finding a truthfully meaningful career, fast job enhancement and highly sought-after skill development prospects, personal satisfaction and rewarding opportunities for personal and career expression.

Executive Coaching

For executives today, the game is bigger, better and faster: executives make decisions in situations with more complexities and fewer boundaries than ever before, while facing an increasing need for negotiation and networking skills. In addition, executives also continue to play a major role in displaying leadership and motivating their teams. Sounds quite a lot? It is!

The “in” trend is how key executives are now creating more personally powerful lifestyles that often enhance their personal qualities as individuals and as community members such as making vital contributions to organizations of a more humanitarian nature.  So, the executive today looks like somebody who (a) handles strategic leadership functions inside his organization (b) networks & negotiates (c) while working on developing himself concurrently. Therefore, the executive coach plays a vital role in supporting his executive client manage his personal development line on top of his professional executive line.

The Secret To Getting a Promotion

“If only I could have a raise”. “I wish I had that promotion”. How many times have we thought or said so? We all want to move up in life: progressing in our careers is definitely part of it.

Yet, some of us could be spending years at the same position at work, sometimes doing the same tasks over and again. How exciting is such a prospect? Not much, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew exactly how to get ahead whenever we wanted to? Developing your skills, taking on more projects, or pumping in long hours at work are some common strategies people take to get a promotion. While these strategies are useful, many opportunities for promotions are missed as people often overlook the most important key factor in the promotion process: the key decision makers.

Promotions by nature are given by someone else: it could be your supervisor, your manager or your boss. Depending on your organization, this could mean a group of key decision makers, or just one person. Which also means that the key decision makers must recognize and acknowledge your contribution to your organization. In other words, you need to know how the promotion game is played in your organization so as to ace it.

Being visible is critical in getting promoted.  You may produce the best work among your colleagues but if your supervisor, or manager, or boss does not recognize the work or the improvement you have demonstrated, or worse, does not even know or attribute known projects to you, how will that promotion ever come your way?

Of course, visibility alone isn’t going to get you a promotion. The other “secrets” to getting a promotion lie in having clarity over exactly where you want to be, and examining what barriers are holding you back such that you are not where you want to be, in addition to figuring out work out so as to get there. There are proven techniques and strategies that are learnable.

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