How to Find Your Purpose: The Blueprint


How to Find Your Purpose: The Blueprint

Are you one of the lucky few who knew exactly what you wanted to do with your life after schooling? Or are you stuck in a job that doesn’t mean much to you, and you work just to survive? If you’re still figuring out what you were meant to be doing, download our Find Your Purpose Blueprint below:

*A note on excuses:

“But I don’t have the capital to start my own business!”, you may say. If you truly believe in your potential contribution to the world, you can find someone who will want to invest in you. It may just take a lot of work to refine your pitch and seek out the best avenues to locate these backers. If you’re planning on creating a product, explore crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which have made thousands of innovations possible without the need of expensive warehouse space or even a finished product.

You may also argue, “But I’ll be too tired to paint after my day job!”. If that’s the case, perhaps being an artist isn’t what you really want after all. You can build up your capacity to do what you love — think of all those computer gamers who stay up all night because they enjoy what they are doing. Or consider how Argentine prize-winning crime novelist Enrique Ferrari continues to support himself as a subway station cleaner at night.

We give ourselves excuses all the time, “What if this affects my performance at my day job?”, “Who will publish my book?”, “Who will buy my product?” — in fact, many of us think up all the reasons it could go wrong before even trying.

Think about it like this — even if your current profession turns out to be only vaguely related to what you would rather be doing, you are still making small steps on the road to what you truly resonate with. In contrast, the more you veer off the path that aligns with your deepest dreams and desires, the further you are away from realizing your fullest potential and at the same time, the closer you are to filling yourself with regrets.

If you still find difficulty in discovering your passions, consider hiring a coach. Working with coach gets you from Point A (where you are) to Point B (where you want to be) faster, with more clarity.

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