Executive Coach International Receives Another Award! (Feb 2015)

As you know, ECI is a different organization compared to others as it really walks the talk by looking at opportunities to continuously improve itself and grow so as to enable more people to receive the benefits from its latest research and development efforts. This month, in recognition of the results achieved by ECI, it has been awarded the 2014/2015 SME Prestige  Award, which aims “to recognize Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs’ success in communication product policy, services and brand goodwill to general customers and clients.”

Singapore Prestige Enterprise Award - 16th January 2015

Of course, it is always nice to see one’s efforts recognized by the business community and is one more milestone that we are proud to reach: our 10 year anniversary, our “2014 Promising SME 500 Award, our GST registration and the launch of our brand new website. However, this does not meet that we are going to rest on our laurels. We are currently working on several projects to keep on offering new opportunities to people who want to work on their life and are willing to walk the talk as well: for us, it means being more visible (you should see some posters about us at some MRT stations this year and we are also looking at creating some online content so that you might enjoy discovering new things without even leaving the comfort of your home. We are also working with some professional organizations so as to help them improve the way people work together and find the workplace a location where they can fully tap their potential.

At ECI, we are convinced that everybody has potential: our goal is to free this potential so that people can turn their dreams into reality, making the impossible possible. We see so many opportunities that the world offers and so many people who have brilliant aspirations that we consider it our mission to build this bridge between where people are now and where they want to go. So, if you are interested in seeing how you can positively transform this year into a new era of fruitful realizations for yourself, if you want your organization to be more successful or if you want to explore what it means to be a coach, give us a call at 6917 5934.