Modern Shaman Training

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Are you ready for deeper relationships? Originating from Asia’s Pioneer Master Coach and the only one of its kind in the self-development world, POLAR unlocks the key to relationships and charisma and frees you from core negative relationship cycles and habits, exposing inner dynamism just waiting to explode.

**Completion of TruSelf Creation Course™ is pre-requisites for this program**.

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You know the World is more than what just meet the eyes and that gaining knowledge and power over this Invisible World will dissolve the unseen barriers in your life and bring you confidence, success and peace of mind…


The “Awaken your Inner Shaman” (Shaman 1) program teaches you how get in touch with your Inner Shaman and the World of Spirits, empowering you with the confidence to use shamanic rituals and tools to improve your life and those of others. In this personal development course, you will learn and apply the techniques to awaken your Inner Shaman, read any situation where the Invisible impact the Visible, protect yourself and your space from negative forces, learn how to travel in other Kingdoms… and begin a spiritual journey of exploration, self-growth and connection.


The “In-depth Soul Healing” (Shaman 2) program teaches you how to deepen and sharpen your shamanic foundations and bring your Journeying to the level of Healing and Questing giving you the power to Heal yourself and others and find direction in your life. In this personal development course, you will learn and apply the techniques to find your affinities and your personal abilities, develop your shamanic senses, empower your tools, heal yourself and others to the level of your Soul… and bring your skills to the rank of Soul Healer and Pathfinder.


After attending those courses you’ll learn how to develop your shamanic powers and create your shamanic tools (like rattles, drums and crystals), how to meditate deeply, how to pay respects and communicate with Spirits, Plants, Earth and the Elements, how to journey into other Kingdoms to heal, find your Totem Animals or find pieces of your Soul, cleanse your chakras and much more. People tell us that this course has changed their lives, so learn how to awaken your inner shaman and deepen your shamanic powers by signing up today!

Those training courses will be delivered back to back, from the 10th to the 16th of May, in Bali.


Prerequisite is for the participants to have done TruSelf Creation Course 1 (TCC 1).

Principles of Love and Relationships (POLAR) is not mandatory but participants who have done it will have deeper experiences.


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Shamanic Practitioner Training

Practice makes perfect!


Developing your shamanic powers is not enough? You want to prepare yourself to the Shamanic training and have a follow-up in the months after it?


Then add the Shamanic Practitioner Training which will be 12 sessions of 3h with Master Kelvin, that can be done online (as long as you have the physical space to practice the teaching)!

– 3 sessions over 6 weeks before the Shaman training will be focusing on building the skill to quickly enter your “Shaman mode”

– 9 sessions over 18 weeks after the Shaman training will help you integrate and apply to real life situations what you learned during your training.


The SPT is open to everyone who did Shaman before or who sign up for the “Awaken your Inner Shaman” (Shaman 1) program and/or the “In-depth Soul Healing” (Shaman 2) program.


How you will benefit from this training

In this training, you will:

  1. Learn how to listen to the stories that the World has to tell, through plants, elements, Earth, spirits, ghosts, ancestors and many more…
  2. Learn Divination, how to ask questions to the Universe and get an answer on the spot… to any question…
  3. Clear bad energy, pay respects to guardians and seal a space to create a restful, peaceful and energizing rooms, homes or business place
  4. Reach a state of presence and grounding that gives you command over your environment and amplify your intuition
  5. Journey into your inner world to discover and make pacts with your totem animals, spirits that grants you their power and abilities in the mundane world
  6. Create your shamanic tools to increase and amplify the shamanic skills you will learn and develop
  7. Develop your Personal Medicine to Heal yourself and others through Journeying: heal physical ailments, remove impeding obstacles in the way and heal the Past
  8. Learn and practise how to cleanse so your flow of energy between your different chakras, improving all your functions: intellect, expression, courage, vitality, sex, charisma and spiritual-link
  9. Journey into the Outer World to discover who you have been, who you really are and who you could be by finding part of your Soul back, your Gifts and your Boons
  10. Integrate all your skills and learnings about the World to impact it, whether in an ordinary or non-ordinary way

Here are some of the things you’ll learn

Day 1 Start of “Awaken your Inner Shaman” (Shaman 1):

Internal psyche development for shamanic work; introduction to the different kingdoms and the experience of these kingdoms; shamanic practices for developing shamanic foundation; discussions and practices on altered states; introduction to journeying; creating your first power tool

Day 2 Physical shamanic work; introduction to the 4 elements; basic rites and ceremonies; connecting to members of various kingdoms and elemental worlds (depends on who responds to our invitations); creating your 2nd power tool
Day 3 Deepening your practices; process work on barriers between the kingdoms; integrated synchronicities

End of “Awaken your Inner Shaman” (Shaman 1)

Day 4 Start of the “In-depth Soul Healing” (Shaman 2)

Shaman Practitioner Developments and Foundations (these take time to develop, hence they are in the Shaman Practitioner Training too); assessment of your shamanic connections and abilities; Deepening the Journeying; Working with the 3rd Power Tool

Day 5 Roles in the Shamanic world; developing your access to kingdoms; developing shamanic senses; questing; shamanic practices
Day 6 Ceremonial work; shamanic practices; healing through journeying
Day 7 Consecrations and power tool work. Celebrations and connecting to other kingdoms

End of the “In-depth Soul Healing” (Shaman 2)

Shaman Practitioner Training Physical Shamanic work as a daily practice; Shamanic Energy Work; Creation work; Flow work; Developing your power; Taking the path to the mastery of your elemental affinities


Prices and packages by 15 April 2019:

Programs Pricing Hours
Awaken your Inner Shaman (Shaman 1) $3688 45
In-depth Soul Healing (Shaman 2) $4988 60
Shamanic Practitioner Training $2660 36
Bundles Packages Pricing Hours
Bundle 1 Awaken your Inner Shaman (Shaman 1) +
Shamanic Practitioner Training
$5988 81
Bundle 2 In-depth Soul Healing (Shaman 2) +
Shamanic Practitioner Training
$7288 96
Bundle 3 Awaken your Inner Shaman (Shaman 1) +
In-depth Soul Healing (Shaman 2)
$8288 105
Bundle 4 Awaken your Inner Shaman (Shaman 1) +
In-depth Soul Healing (Shaman 2) +
Shamanic Practitioner Training
$10188 141


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