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Pathways of Consciousness requires a solid foundation in the basic areas of your life first before you are ready to open your mind up in exploring an alternate understanding of issues and topics often generalized by society. Visit what these could really mean instead, through advanced techniques in unravelling human consciousness.

**Completion of TruSelf Creation Course, Principles of Love and Relationships are pre-requisites for this program**.

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**Completion of TruSelf Creation Course, Principles of Love and Relationships™ are pre-requisites for this program**.

Beyond what you think you know exists many possibilities of an alternate understanding of our lives and universe. Many people, including you, chase after intangible desires your whole life only to truly understand what it is, or is not, in a brief second. Joy, fulfilment, purpose, are some examples of what people work their whole lives to achieve. Pathways of Consciousness™ (POC) is a program that occurs rarely in LYM and usually each theme is only conducted once and seldom repeated within the short-term or sometimes never. So, if there is a POC that you are interested in, do sign up immediately to avoid any disappointment! POCs generally consists of a 7-day weekend group intensive, on occasion, where POCs are conducted overseas, the duration may be longer.


Pathways of Consciousness™ Programs Dates
Special 16 – 20 November 2022


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