TruSelf BodyWork Series – Introduction

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TruSelf Bodywork Series – Introduction

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TruSelf BodyWorks Series – Introduction

The BodyWork Introduction equips you to understand and optimize how you use your physical body, apply your intellect, and control your emotions. Recognize how your body, mind and spirit tend to work against each other, so you can stop sabotaging yourself, and consistently perform at your best.

This practical, interactive course includes two parts:

  1. 2.5 day online weekend course – Your introduction to BodyWork includes games and activities, real-life examples, and feedback.
  2. 60 day self-guided practicum – Weekly online class sessions set the stage for your daily Bodywork practice. Share your experience with others in the private Facebook group.

60 day practicum includes the following 10 different training areas:

  1. Awareness and Psyche training
  2. Physical Body training
  3. Intellectual Body training
  4. Emotional Body training
  5. Sensory training
  6. Consciousness and Evolution training
  7. Expression training
  8. Shaman training
  9. Coach training
  10. Healing training

Training of fundamentals in our work. Here, we are focusing on building up your basic awareness such that you become sharper and stronger

Gain energy that can be channelled into other areas of your life. The exercises might seem simple and basic, but do not be fooled; we are gunning after discipline, impeccability and distinctions in the TruSelfⓇ Bodies to strengthen your fundamentals in this program.

No other program in Live Your Mark has this focus.


Upcoming Session:

Online Program Date
October Intake 28th October 2022, 7.30pm – 10.30pm

29th – 30th October 2022, 9am – 6pm

from 31st October 2022, every Monday, 7:30pm – 9:30pm


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