[Quiz Result] First Impressions: How Do Others Really See You?


[Quiz Result] First Impressions: How Do Others Really See You?

1Are you a social butterfly or are you a wallflower at a party? How aware are you of the way you come across to other people at a social gathering? Take our quiz to find out what kind of first impression you leave on others!

1.     You receive an invite for a party. You…

a.     Check your schedule. If you are free, you could consider going.

b.     Ask if you can bring a plate or a bottle of wine to the party as your contribution.

c.      Find out who else will be going.

d.     Are thinking what you should wear for the party.

2.     Your first move at a party is to…

a.     Hit the buffet table to check out the food. You rather stuff your face with food than strike up a conversation about how hard it was to get there.

b.     Look for the host: that is the reason why you are there.

c.      Scan the room to find a person you want to talk to or catch up with.

d.     Move to where the life of the party is. It’s party-time and you are here to have fun!

3.     Someone tells a lame joke at the party. You…

a.     Smile politely

b.     Pretend to listen, and (if possible) laugh

c.      Promptly ignore and find another conversation to get involved in

d.     Cut in and share a joke of your own to “save” the atmosphere

4.     How would you describe your conversations at a party?

a.     You are a listener: you prefer to listen more.

b.     You are open: you adjust depending on the other person.

c.      You are balanced: you listen and talk equally.

d.     You are chatty: you have a lot to say.

5.     Someone compliments your shoes at the party. You

a.     Blush and brush it aside.

b.     Say “Thanks, you are the first person to notice.”

c.      Smile and compliment them on their shoes too.

d.     Wink, then tell the person where and how much you paid for the shoes.


If your answers are mostly A’s:

You are polite but can come across as reserved, aloof, distant even though it may not be the case. You tend to not speak up much at parties so that people don’t really get a chance to see the real you.


Mostly B’s: You are considerate, dependable, and appreciative of others. You know how to make someone feel important from the very first time you meet. While you come across as a person who values relationships, in the context of a party, you can come across as someone who is not very sociable, preferring to keep to 1-2 people.


Mostly C’s: You are warm and friendly. You come across as a person who will be there for your friends. People either like you or they don’t upfront as you tend to be selective about who you mix with. So while your friends feel comfortable around you, strangers may see you as differently.


Mostly D’s: You are the life of the party: amusing, interesting. You enjoy attention and come across as someone who is always there to cheer them. While people enjoy being in your company, they may also see you as someone who is self-centered.


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