What is the first question that all leaders ask themselves?


What is the first question that all leaders ask themselves?

[fusion_text]The first question that any leader asks himself is, “What kind of leader can I be?”

And our response is… we are going to share with you the scoop on what happened during ECI’s new leadership program which involved penguins & painting, dancing in slippers, and waking up consciousness with a thought-provoking question…

The new leadership program weekend 1 saw our new leaders-in-training expressing themselves through different mediums. Some took to painting, some took to dancing, while some took to waking up the public with an urgent thought-provoking question: “if this is your last day to live, who would you call and what would you say?”

Find out more about our current leaders-in-training and what they have been up to on our ECI’s community FB page.


The Leadership Weekend 1 was also a time for leaders-in-training to examine – and for those who already had gone through the leadership program before – a chance to re-examine their notions of leadership and working in teams and how those notions came to be for them. There were opportunities during the weekend, through specially-designed processing, for the participants to work on their third dynamics. The end result for many of them was a clearer idea of their leadership journey: how far they have come, and where they want to head towards. Many also went away from the weekend with new and renewed perspectives and lessons of the causes and factors of successes and failures in a group.


ECI will be running another Weekend 1! Interested? Talk to Mei Yee to find out more about the new Leadership Program™!

NOTE: Leadership Program™ is previous version of Instructorship Program.[/fusion_text]