What nature tells us about success#beingshaman


What nature tells us about success#beingshaman

When you come across something like that, what do you see?

Oftentimes, we like to see nature as a series of harmonies blended together in zen-like tranquility.



That is not quite the picture.

The harmonization is an idolization.

Things are not “at peace”. In fact, things are in constant conflict.


The trees and plants you see in the picture are constantly fighting for sunlight and resources. The land is constantly fighting with gravity. The river is in constant conflict with the earth. The natural law for survival puts prey and predator in a constant fight against each other. And even within tribes, animals constantly fight for position and power.


And yet, everything that you see is… successful.


What harmony really is a function of things that are successful negotiating with each other how they should co-exist. Just like how the word, “peace” is defined in the directory as freedom from disturbances. What is often left unsaid is how peace is also the successful negotiation of the disturbances and disruptions that happen in our lives, rather than avoidance or delusional tactics that gives us a false sense of peace.  


The challenge with living in an modern-urban world is that human society has evolved into a complexity till it is pretty much impossible to tell what is the direction for success, let alone tell what is success.


As the result, many people get lost in the map of human society – and therefore many can no longer see, nor experience, nor directly access success. To a point that we doubt and even reject success and possibilities happening to us when they do show up.


From a shamanic point of view, it is easy for Shamans to have a sense of orientation what is successful because it is all there. Shamans live in a world where they constantly see, experience and learn how to be successful. From how animals negotiate for homes in the forest to how a river negotiates the earth  in its journey to the sea. Now, wouldn’t those life lessons be worth having?


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