Who Do You Attract?


Who Do You Attract?

who-do-you-attractHave you noticed how you seem to ‘attract’ a certain type of person into your life? Find out more about the type of people we attract and how they can be managed.


Whether at work or among friends, there may be a few types of people whom you frequently face.

It ranges from the friend who frantically tries to make everyone happy or the colleague with a scowl to his face who keeps to himself to the person who always seems down and in low spirits. Are any of these people familiar to you?

In general, we can broadly speak of three types of people: “Vampires”, “Werewolves”, and “Zombies”.



There’s more to vampires than just being selfish blood-sucking fleas. In fact, they can be transformed into useful assets in your life.

“Vampires” are people who tend to be dependent on others for their energy.  They can range from the needy, attention-seeking sorts, to those who make you feel like a chunk of your life has been sapped away the moment you leave their company. These people also like being taken care of – so if you exhibit strong hero, save-the-world tendencies, you may find yourself in the company of vampires. Having said that, vampires are also willing to go the distance for some attention, especially from energetic, powerful, successful people. So the next time you meet  vampires, learn how to manage them,  and they can turn out to be pretty handy to have around.



Werewolves are sadly often mistaken. They aren’t vicious. Just don’t ask them about their private lives when they are not ready to share it with you. “Werewolves” are people who tend to suppress or avoid expressing their true feelings, or to put it bluntly, let things that bother them stew until they reach a boiling point.  Then they lash or burst out, oftentimes, unexpectedly. On the surface, they seem cold, distant or brooding, can be extremely functional, results-oriented and outcome driven. If you are the kind of person who hates confrontations and/or can take some lashing out under pressure and can give werewolves the space they need, you may find yourself getting along well with werewolves.



Last but not least, “Zombies” have their place in the world. Zombies are people who often seem down or depressed. Typically, they are people who have met with some setbacks, and have given up on life, or are resigned to their lot in life. Because of that, they often find it difficult to be hopeful about possibilities in their lives. Zombies aren’t bad. A group of zombies can be a deadly crowd to hang around with, through. But with the right mix of inspiration, motivation and drive, even the living dead can be moved to create miracles.  

What are the kinds of people you tend to face in your life? Do you tend to inspire more “Zombies”, or are you the type to raise the spirits of a “Vampire”? At the same time, in what circumstances do you turn into a vampire, or into a werewolf, or into a zombie? And how did you become like that in the first place?

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