Why You Should Be A Leader


Why You Should Be A Leader


Being a leader is not about the position, rank or glory – it is simply about being willing and able to lead people with you to a better place than that which they would have been able to reach by themselves.

Here are 4 reasons for becoming one:

1) It’s a choice to be a leader, because if you don’t strive to be one, you will only end up following others. It boils down to the question of how you want to live your life. Will it be filled with challenges and responsibilities that you choose to tackle? Or will it be just to follow a well-trodden path and to live it out safely?

2) Leadership often comes as a result of a person doing great work from the ground up. More often than not, people didn’t aspire to be leaders from the outset, they simply just wanted to become good at something.

And when that happened, it naturally created an attraction or charisma that drew people together.

3) Being a leader is also about leading your life to a place you desire. We all have dreams and goals that we wish to achieve and attain. But we often get sucked into various traps and pitfalls that diminish our time and energy.

Being a leader requires one to have the tenacity and self-discipline to work towards the goal of creating a better future for yourself. If you are unwillingly to work towards your own dreams, who will?

4) Become a leader if you have a purpose in life and you want to achieve it. When our life purpose comes knocking, it might often require you to step out of your comfort zone to achieve something grand in life. And along the way, we are required to work with different people and lead them to the vision that you see.

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