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Tips To Get Back On Track After Slipping Up

An optimistic outlook helps individuals start over after they fail. They don't feel defeated or discouraged in new endeavors. They continue on with the next projected objective and achieve more. The following are tips to get back on track after slipping up, as introduced in a professional training program. Five Habits of Optimistic People and [...]

How To Acquire Anger Management Skills

Anger management is vital for mitigating risks that can have a devastating effect on your health and your life. By lowering these risks, you enjoy a healthier lifestyle with desirable habits. By reading useful books and articles, or even to approach customized corporate training programs, anger management can be learned as a skill. Ways To [...]

So what’s new about the revamped Leadership Program™?

1. It’s modular. The new Leadership Program™ will run as a modular system. Which means you get pick and choose which area you want to work on. 2. What are my options? There will be three lines to choose from...

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