If this is your last day to live, what would you do?


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If this is your last day to live, what would you do?


If this was your last day to live, would you honestly go to work and spend 8 hours doing what you do for a living? 

Whom would you want to be with, if you had a choice? For many, death, last-days to live are taboo, dreadful subjects to be avoided. But if there is something about this question that makes you examine what is it that you do in your waking moments that makes them all worthwhile…

As we struggle to “make it” in our world, we sometimes can forget what – or who – leads us. This was the very message our new batch of leaders-in-training took to heart – they took to the streets to remind people of what was important to them in their lives: to remind them of what was truly worth living for.

As a life coaching organization, one specific area of training we go into is leadership training. This isn’t just a skill-based leadership program that polishes up competencies and skills. 

What makes LYM’s Leadership Program™ unique is that it has been created for individuals who want to make a difference to the world not only regarding their own lives, but also the lives of people they care about.

It is really about training the next generation of leaders needed for our world, which involves leaders being aware of not only what would make the teams they are leading succeed, but also how the external environment can affect their teams.

In terms of coaching, it is about coaching a person’s dynamics centered around working with and leading teams, which differs from life coaching that is mostly a personal experience.

One of the advantages of LYM’s Leadership Program™ is the combination of leadership training and coaching that removes barriers many people have about working in teams and/or leading teams.

running-1024x567New Leadership Program unveiled: LYM’s Leadership Program™ is a coaching program that combines skills training with coaching targeted at group level dynamics. It runs on a modular system that stretches over 9 months. LYM will also be unveiling a new Leadership Coaching Training Program (LCTP) for coaches interested in upgrading their coaching skills in this specific area in the coming months.

Leadership Program™ is previous version of Instructorship Program.