Personal Attraction – How to Shine from Within


Personal Attraction – How to Shine from Within

Personal Attraction - How to Shine from Within

I have always been told how people naturally gravitate towards people who are physically attractive. It is as natural as breathing and although we refuse to admit it, it is a behavior that is deeply entrenched within each and every one of us. However, as we get to know these picture-perfect people, we come to realize that they are not how we had imagined them to be. We often project our expectations of the “perfect” person upon people whom we are physically attracted to. Inevitably, we feel a huge sense of disappointment when reality slowly reveals that physical beauty was never an indicator of who a person really is. Although physical beauty captures the attention, inner beauty captures the heart. So how can we develop our inner beauty and personal attraction so that we can shine from within?


#1 Confidence


We all know the saying that the sexiest thing that a woman or man can wear is confidence. Only when we are comfortable in our own skin and accept ourselves for who we are – our strengths, weaknesses and everything in between – will we exude confidence which is much more attractive and alluring than physical beauty. With confidence comes authenticity. People who are confident behave naturally and do not put up a false front to make themselves more likeable to everyone. They embrace their shortcomings and accept the cold hard truth that regardless of how you act, there will still be people who dislike or disagree with you. Thus, confident people tend to stick to their beliefs and values, and their personality shines through.


#2 Positive thinking


Positive people are like a candle in the darkness. Their positive world view and fervent enthusiasm allows them to view all obstacles as opportunities for growth and learning, and they are usually unfazed by the difficulties they face. With their tenacity, optimistic people will grit their teeth and push themselves through their challenges, and either succeed, or even better, learn something valuable from it. When other people see their zest and passion for life, they are inspired to do the same. Positive people radiate their positive energy effortlessly, drawing others towards them. They ignite the fire within others, driving them to act upon their own inner wishes and motivating everyone to constantly better themselves.


#3 Kindness


In today’s increasingly self-oriented and individualistic world, it is a rare virtue for people to be considerate towards the feelings and needs of others – in other words, to be kind to others. This makes the people who demonstrate kindness all the more highly-sought after and well-liked. Kindness doesn’t have to be something grandiose; kindness begins with small acts from the heart. People believe that being the person on the giving end puts them at a disadvantage. However, they fail to realise that their acts of kindness not only brings happiness to others, but also makes they themselves feel happier inside. Ultimately, what goes around comes around and this spirit of giving spreads.


Personal attraction comes from within. It stems from the acceptance of ourselves as unique and beautiful beings, imperfect but striving to better ourselves. When we love ourselves wholly – the good and the bad – we will reflect our values, desires, and everything else that may be minute but make us who we are. This acceptance, along with a positive view of the world and the willingness to constantly give to others, allows us to bring some light into a dull day, and add a little colour to the gray skies.

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