[Personality Test Results] What Colour Are You?


[Personality Test Results] What Colour Are You?


We all have our favourite colour but how does it correlate to our personality?

*Grab a pen/pencil/lipstick/etc. and paper, take our test and discover for yourself!*

Question 1: You have just been invited to a party. Which of the following accessory or garment would you choose to be your must-wear items:

– alluring red shoes/ring/tie?
– bold blue pants/skirt/hat?
– fresh green shirt/pants/dress?
– warm yellow watch/t-shirt/shorts?

Question 2: You have won the lottery (Congratulations!) and you can choose one of the following prizes. Which coloured car will you go for?


Question 3: Which of the following buildings do you feel most strongly for? (Again, note the colour!)


Question 4: You won the lottery again (So Lucky!) This time, you get a free flight ticket to one of the following destinations. Based on these country flags, which destination would you pick?




-majority of red answers: you are probably somebody passionate, impulsive, someone for whom living means being passionate, extrovert. You believe there is only one way to live life and it is similar to driving a Ferrari at 300 km/ hour on a race track. Sometimes, being passionate also means that your emotions get the better of you and that you might do things you will regret later.

-majority of blue answers: you are likely to be someone who is more on the quiet side but it does not mean that everything is so peaceful inside you. You are likely to be somebody who asks many questions, pondering about the meaning of life or events and looking for answers within yourself. You might be more introvert but this does not mean you ever stop thinking.

 -majority of green answers: you may be someone whose feet are firmly planted in the ground. You feel more comfortable dealing with concrete subjects rather than abstract ones. You need to connect to your roots to feel fully comfortable. However, once you have secured this firm grounding, this does not prevent you from looking up at the sky and looking for answers to more abstract issues and questions.

 -majority of yellow answers: you probably enjoy parties and generally have a happy go lucky attitude. You do not really care about what other people think about you as long as you can enjoy life. What really matters to you is to enjoy life with people that feel the same. You may not really think about the future that much and are much focused on what exists now.