Rebirth POC? What’s that about?


Rebirth POC? What’s that about?


“Rebirth”. Perhaps you have heard about it within the ECI community, or seen it on our Community page. But, what is rebirth exactly about?

Accessing Your Birth Trauma

Do you remember how it was like being born? I bet you don’t! It was a long time ago, for all of us.

Yet, that experience of being born, among other very early experiences, has undoubtedly influenced and shaped us to a huge degree. After all, it is the first (and arguably one of the biggest) experience and trauma of our existence in this lifetime.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to access, process, or even break past the traumas and blocks associated with this very early point of your life. What would change for you, in terms of how you see and experience your life? What would then be possible for you now, which was not before?

The Rebirth Program

We are not able to answer the question for you directly, of course. Everybody’s experience is different, because everybody’s life experience is different. We can however, tell you how others have previously benefitted from the Rebirth program.

After all, Pathways of Consciousness (POC) – Rebirth- is an advanced program that helps participants work around moments of disintegration and splits in their life, including moments very early in life, for example your pre-verbal or even birth memories. Such memories are not easily accessible even in TCC or POLAR, because they are typically locked very deep into a person.

The unique benefits associated with that include a breakthrough in your entire viewpoint of life itself, a heightened sense of integrity or purpose about your whole life, the removal and advancement past many major blocks (including blocks that persist through your TCC and POLAR experiences), and a possible exploration into how you were formed and restricted from very early on in your life.

Interested? Here are the details of the Rebirth POC program!

Dates: 10 – 12 July 2015

Venue: 5 Harper Road, #02-01

Time: 9am – completion

Do take note that you need to be a graduate of either POS or POLAR to join this advanced program.

Homework is starting soon, so don’t wait! Contact Alex @9069 8258 now to reserve your seat!