Reset and Relax The Right Way for a High Energy Weekend


Reset and Relax The Right Way for a High Energy Weekend

Long weekends and how to maximise it!

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A lot of us are looking forward to the long weekend. I know I can’t wait! It is a time to catch up with friends and on some much needed sleep. Yes I know many of you agree with me on that point. But wait! The long weekend is precious – you are given 72 hours of free time. Instead of managing your time, look at how you can use your energy instead to maximise this weekend.

What Exactly is Energy?

Admittedly this term is vague. Some journals and magazines on mindfulness simply glaze over it without really tackling what it is. We know it is something that makes you feel positive. What else? Well, put simply, it is the release of power generated within.

Sounds a little unrelatable so let me break it down for you:

Energy can be harvested in four ways – body, mind, spirit and emotions. These categories may seem to overlap, but by viewing it as the causes of energy, it clears the confusion. Now that you know the sources of energy, here are tips to getting the most rest and relaxation out of your weekend.

1. Boosting Energy From Your Body

Getting energy from your body is about what you put into it. It’s 3PM and you feel like having a snooze? In those moments it’s the easiest to reach for another cuppa joe. That’s how your sleep cycle gets messed up. Avoid having caffeine after 3 pm to sleep better at night. The uninterrupted sleep and a longer deep sleep cycle will get you sprightly for the morning!


On the topic of looking into what goes into your body, magnesium is usually overlooked. It is a key component to giving you more energy. Unfortunately it burns fast. Keep supplementing your body with it by adding leafy greens and yoghurt to your diet!

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2. Improve Energy From Your Mind

Declutter your mind, give yourself space to relax. The last thing you want is to try to remember that appointment you have at 4 pm today. Start using journals to keep track of commitments and ideas. Free up your mind for things that matter – like rediscovering your passion.

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Another way to help with mental decluttering is to create routines for yourself. A popular one would be a bedtime routine where you power down your devices an hour before bed. Take it as a time to slow down and relax. A simple form of being mindful will help you sleep better. Other routines to help improve your mood over the weekend would be to stop checking work emails!

3. Step-Up Your Energy From Your Spirit

This is about doing an activity that gives you meaning or fulfills a purpose. These could be about doing something for another person. Volunteering, helping out around the house or simply being a listening ear for a friend is exactly it! If you happen to be one of the committed few who are searching for your passion, then use this weekend wisely. Invest time in yourself and in working towards your passions.

4. Expand Your Energy From Your Emotions

Getting energy from a little exercise can do wonders for you. It can be as simple as taking walks or a short stretch. Exercising helps to release endorphins which is the ‘feel good’ chemical you’ll need for a high energy weekend.

It may be a lot to change in time for the long weekend, but take a step back. Reflect on which kinds of energy you need the most and work on it first. Have a Good Friday and enjoy the long weekend!


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