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[Results] You are what you wear: What your clothes say about you


Studies have shown that a lot about a person’s employment, emotional state, and spending habits can be seen from just the way the person dresses. How aware of you of how you dress? Take our FIRST IMPRESSIONS quiz and find out more!

  1. You are going to meet someone important for the first time in 3 days’ time for work. How do you go about dressing for the occasion?
    1. I browse through my closet for something “safe” like an office suit. Check the condition, and get it laundered or pressed if necessary.
    2. I spend the next 3 days scanning shops to see what catches my eye, or browse the internet or magazines for ideas.
    3. I take out my suit or dress and match it up with accessories like a belt or earrings or a scarf.
    4. I forget about what I will wear and start to worry about it just as I am getting dressed for it.
  1. Which T-shirt would you choose to wear when you are in a lousy mood?
    1. My basic white t-shirt that goes with anything and makes me look good.
    2. My Smiley Face t-shirt my best friend gave me for Christmas last year.
    3. My “Leave Me Alone” black t-shirt I bought for such occasions years ago.
    4. The first t-shirt on top of the pile.
  1. You are going to an after-work party. You…
    1. Wear something classic that can take you from work to the party in less than 5 minutes.
    2. Pack a change for the party – clothes, makeup and shoes, the works.
    3. Wear your party clothes to work. It is a great conversation starter at the office.
    4. Go in whatever you are in.
  1. When shopping for clothes, your first question would be…
    1. Is this something I already have?
    2. Is this unique?
    3. Does this make me look good?
    4. How much is this gonna cost me?
  1. You open your wardrobe to get dressed. The sentence that is most likely to pop up for you is…
    1. I need to get a replacement for xxx soon.
    2. Where is my xxx?
    3. What shall I wear today?
    4. How much time do I have to get dressed?



Mostly As: You own your clothes. You are practical, organized. You are in control of your spending habits, and your wardrobe shows it – classic, timeless pieces that you purchase based on what you need and what fits you. While you are in control, you can also be predictable, reserved, and to a point of being boring and rigid at times. It wouldn’t hurt to let your inner creativity and spontaneity out once in a while.

Mostly Bs: Inspiration is important to you: you look to inspire others and be inspired by what you wear. People tend to remember what you wear as you leave a lasting first impression. Your wardrobe has many trendy, one-off pieces but it probably has more than you ever need: space constraints and finding clothes might be an issue for you. If you don’t have a tight rein on your spending however, chances are, you would tend to overspend on clothes.

Mostly Cs: Your personal expression is important to you – you wear your heart on your sleeve. You wouldn’t mind splurging and indulging on something that fits you and your preferences. Your clothes make you stand out from the crowd, but it may not always be appropriate for the occasion or your wallet.

Mostly Ds: When it comes to clothes, you tend to stick to what you are comfortable with, tried-and-tested. You come across as a person who doesn’t care much about your physical appearance as you are often preoccupied elsewhere. While others could admire the fact that you are comfortable in your own skin, investing some time and energy on self-care and how you look can go some way in taking care of yourself.