Wanting to be the Best


Wanting to be the Best


Most the time, we live life as if we didn’t have a choice. That may be true from a limited point of view, especially if you have bought into the notion that we are powerless against our circumstances.

I believe that we have been conditioned into many possibilities, but we are at the same time, weighed down by the limit of experiences. This means that even if something is possible, that we have never experienced it being true limits a lot of us in reality.

Think about it. That sucks. That means that if we have never witnessed it ourselves, then it cannot be possible. And it becomes relatively easier to dismiss something that isn’t in front of our faces. From here, we really have a few possible options: 


Visionary: One who can envision what is possible even though it has not happened in reality

Manifestor: One who takes the visionary’s position and does what is necessary to make it happen

Hopeful: One who hopes that the possibility is true but takes a passive position as to how it could happen.

Skeptic: One who denies the possibility as a probable future.




The world advances on the backs of the visionaries and the manifestors. The rest of the population stays in the hopes that someone would do something for them and they would happily accept the changes that come, as long as it is positive. The skeptics…well, they have a position where they have different needs, usually that of mental and emotional stability. And to each his/her own.

There is a lot of developmental work being around breaking a person away from their limited worldview, to expand their thinking around possibility. When a person is successful at this, it allow them to a different menus of options which they can participate in to a different endpoint. If life as per normal asks us to pick the same choices we did before, we would be able to rest in the assurance that the next day is going to be largely the same. And this is assuming that the world isn’t going to advance anytime soon. But that isn’t our world anymore. We are moving.  Many strange and wonderful things are happening within our midst. So we are moving into a world where there is a divide in possibility thinking and possibility manifesting.

Let’s take it down. While not everyone has the desire to respond to the calling that the world asks for and play at the world-stage, everyone IS REQUIRED to play the role of the visionary in THEIR OWN LIVES. The result of failing to take up that role renders the person a subject to someone else’s directive and opinion (and yes, control). While there is absolutely nothing wrong with good control, one must bear in mind that the control wasn’t designed for the endpoint of the individual’s vision, it is usually designed around a collective vision. One can fully choose to participate in that control after going through the options where one exercises their own will and freedom to be part of a greater system, or one can choose it blindly, which renders a person either unthinking, or feeling that they didn’t really fully choose it.

The point of developing oneself is for the purposes of advancing one’s control over their lives and the outcome of their lives. Which is a question you have to ask yourself: Do you wish to have a say over the future that you are going to?


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