5 Ways To Cultivate Self-Respect


5 Ways To Cultivate Self-Respect


Self-respect is key to a healthy and positive life. It begins when you make a valiant effort to understand who you are and what you want out of life. You make discoveries that aren’t hindered by other people. The following are five ways to cultivate self-respect.

The Forgotten Trait of Self-Respect and How It Differs from Self-Esteem

The major difference between self-esteem and self-respect is acceptance. Self-respect means to be yourself unapologetically after accepting how and what you really are. By understanding your identity, you build a positive life. You don’t settle for less than you deserve, and you don’t concern yourself with the opinions or perception of others about you. You don’t compromise on your values to gain acceptance from others, and you have the ability to say, “No,” to things that aren’t right or healthy for you. You take responsibility for your own actions and remain honest with yourself and others. You value your time and don’t give up in the face of adversity.

5 Ways to Build Self-Respect Despite Adversity

  • Utilize Positive Affirmations: Positive affirmations provide encouragement and motivation to succeed. It is best to use affirmations that are more realistic. Individuals with waning self-respect won’t believe over-the-top affirmations as they aren’t as realistic.
  • Assess and Improve Your Competencies: Individuals increase their confidence by engaging in activities or showcasing skills that make them proud. For example, if they are a writer, they enter more contests to achieve publishing credits and prizes based on merit. Know your unique abilities and stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Accept Compliments Freely: Individuals with low confidence face difficulties in taking compliments. Instead of arguing or becoming resistant to compliments accept them. This practice is often uncomfortable but necessary.
  • Practice Self-Kindness, not Self-Deprecation: Negative thought patterns lead to lowered self-respect. Practice self-kindred and break the cycle of these negative patterns. Focus on the attributes of your personality and self that you do like and build from there.

Understanding Self-Worth and How It Influences Others Positively

Self-worth is connected to respecting yourself and others. Don’t allow rejection or failures to diminish who you are or how you really feel about yourself. Catalog your best traits when approaching this new obstacle. By knowing self-worth, you become stronger and develop social skills to lead better lives.

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