What On Earth Am I Here For?


What On Earth Am I Here For?

what on earth am i here for

“What on earth am I here for? Why am I here, why do I exist? What is my purpose in life?

Was my life just an accident? How can I live a meaningful life?

How do I find my passions, my callings, my dreams? 

Why me?”

Have these questions ever bugged you before? 

Have you tried reading dozens of books about motivation, drive, spirituality, religion, the ‘laws of attraction’ and thousands of similar self-help books, or even attended multiple seminars, workshops and talks…but you’ve gotten nowhere near a satisfactory answer? 

You’ve even heard of stories of other lost souls who were taken advantage of — joining cults and business organizations that functioned as if they worshipped money or their charismatic, power-hungry leader.

Some people may even make you feel bad for asking these existential questions. They may say that such ‘problems’ only plague the most intelligent or those from the highest strata of society, and thinking about them is downright impractical and/or selfish.

Not so long ago, I felt that way too. I was lost and insecure, believing that I was alone in my journey through life, despite the fact that I had loving parents, siblings and caring friends all around me.

Though on the outside I smiled a lot and had plenty of friends, I was slowly dying inside…I could not seem to be able to form deep bonds with others, including some of my own family members — even though I truly loved them. 

When I stumbled across coaching earlier this year, I didn’t know what to expect. I was always under the impression that coaches were some great wellsprings of advice…but nothing was further from the truth! In fact, coaching meant co-creation, co-action and co-operation between a coach and coachee to dig deep into the root of a personal or professional issue, to form actionable steps and to ensure that clients stick to the goals that s/he set out for him-/herself.

People often ask HOW coaching works…the reply to that is that coaching is largely experiential. As with describing how chocolate tastes like to someone who hasn’t tried it before, it is difficult to explain how the coaching process works exactly. It definitely is not therapy in the sense that clients are not considered ‘patients’ with mental disorders. In fact, coaches believe their clients are creative, resourceful and whole, who have the answers within themselves. The coach’s role is to facilitate that process through incisive questions and thought-provoking activities.

If you seek answers to life’s most profound questions, you first need to search inwardly, to the depths of your soul: what are your core beliefs, principles, desires and fears? 

Essentially, the first question to tackle is, “Who am I?”

My coaches guided me through this process, but it is only the beginning of my lifelong journey to finding out more about myself and the world around me, and incorporating my learnings to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

To find out what coaching can do for you, sign up for a Free Preview of The Courage to Create™ Program at http://preview.liveyourmark.com/coaching. It changed my life…would you like to change yours?

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